“See, I make all thing new”

– Revelation 21:5

With this promise, Our Lord who sits on the Heavenly Throne, gives us the strength and support to face the new year that is filled with trials and tribulations. While these mighty words come in the context of a new heaven an earth, it resounds with our human markers of times and beginnings. As the Lord tells us how all tears shall be wiped away and all manner of sorrows and sadness vanquished he also teaches us to leave behind that which has befallen us- look to the new year, not with dread, but with confidence and hope and with full knowledge that Our Lord is standing by us and protecting us. If we have faith, He will give us a new life with new opportunities and new chances to build his kingdom. If we embrace the Kingdom of God- the authority and dominion of God- we will have it power and protection.

To the ancient mind, and to our modern ideas, there was and is something powerful and, almost, magical about something that is new. Throughout the Bible, we read about things that are new that were supposed have a greater strength or special properties. This is why his enemies were careful always to bind Samson with new ropes, but God’s power which flowed through him overcame the properties attributed by man. There was and is a special hope and grandeur with something new- thus the worldwide celebrations of new years, decades, centuries, and millennia.

Sadly, for many, the hope and zealous enthusiasm often fade through our year. As the cold winter melts into spring and spring grows into summer and summer fades into autumn our resolutions and resolve also, often, fade. The cycle is to begin again. Yet, the power of the Cross and Resurrection to make all things new does not fade. This is the power that forever and continually replenishing, regenerating, and restoring- not to just the old standards, but to new and greater levels. Yes, Jesus, Our Lord who sits on the Throne which was given to him by the Father, embodies and is our well spring for the power of new life.

Let the old year, with all the cumbersome difficulties and millstones, fall away and let us enter this year with faith, confidence, and hope- it has been made new by Christ Jesus.

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I am a lifelong Christian, who devoted himself to the study of the Word of God at a young age. I have attained a BA, 3 Masters, and a Doctorate degree in the field of Biblical Studies. I am also a published writer, with a specialty on the Judge, Samson. I am honored to be part of this vibrant and growing ministry and hope to share the powerful encouragement which, over the years of study, I have found in the Bible. Blessings to all!

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