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How wondrous it is
to anticipate
the movements of God

We have seasons
when we wait
with excitement and glee

Our journeys of glory
are filled with awe –
witnessing the plentiful
ways that our Lord manifests

We anticipate the sunrises and sunsets –
We anticipate the rain falls,
the flowers blooming –
the birds in flight delivering
their varied melodic sounds –
Ah, the beauty of that which lives –
all crafted by our Master Creator

It’s a surety that boredom
isn’t in the mix with God –
We can’t predict how
divine occurrences will unfold –
Thoughts, expressions, and performances
of the Most High astound

Love surrounds
Beauty flows
Splendor delights
Joy abounds
Views astonish

Yes, rocky moments
appear, but we still choose
to anticipate how the Lord
shows and answers

Anticipation heightens and subsides
as we continue our journeys –
Yes, often it’s there
while we abide in Almighty God
in anticipation.

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