Biblical Women – Part Two

In the Bible, the name of the mother of Moses isn’t given. The act — Exodus 2:3 — that she did resulted in Moses being brought into the care of the daughter of king Pharaoh. The king’s daughter paid wages for a woman to nurse Moses unaware that that woman was his mother.

Moses grew in the house of Pharaoh, learned the ways of the Egyptians, and became the main man who God used in the exodus of the Israelites from the land of Egypt. The deed of Moses’ mother set essential “wheels” in motion on behalf of the people of Israel.

In the book of Judges, Chapter 4, we read about the brave actions of Deborah, the prophetess who judged Israel for a season. I love reading about her role as a judge. She issued instructions and was instrumental in the execution of the tasks necessary to assure victory. She was a woman on a mission that indeed got accomplished, of course, with the hand of God in the equation, and the help of others who joined to assist. After the defeat of their enemies, Deborah and Barak sang praises to God for the avenging of Israel.

We read about dear, precious Esther and her godly cousin Mordecai in the book of Esther. That story is a favorite of many Bible lovers. Esther was groomed, prepared and presented to king Ahasuerus who deeply cherished her.

Esther’s role was critical in the liberation of the Jews. Wicked Haman set out to destroy Mordecai and the entire Jewish presence there. After a stage of hesitation and a stern warning from Mordecai, Esther took heed to the guidance of Mordecai, and went before the king with her request. The Lord had strategies in place that handled the misdeeds of Haman, gained victories for the Jews, and a promotion for Mordecai. Woo wee, Hallelujah!

Yes, honor indeed extends to the godly and noble women highlighted in the Bible.

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