No Big Faith Is Needed

“I work so hard for a few Dollars,” my friend sighed. “But then, when I get to the store, prices have changed, and everything has gone up. My money just isn’t worth what it was yesterday.” He shook his head in disgust. “Where is this world going to?” He’s a good friend and meant it well, but when he said it, I was reminded of the words of Jesus who said: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.” The world and the economy will change, but God doesn’t. His promises are just as reliable as they ever were and He will ultimately carry us through. Furthermore He exhorts us to lay up our treasures in Heaven, for that’s where we will spend eternity.


“It’s just not right,” complained the man in the supermarket. “My kids cost me so much. Life is just too expensive. This way I don’t get to keep anything.” An old gentleman with silvery hair overheard him and said: “My son doesn’t cost me anything.” “Really?” The first man got interested. “How do you do that? Tell me the secret?” “My son died last year in a car crash. I would love to buy him things, but I can’t. He’s not around anymore to spend money on.”


Life is expensive. It looks like the list of needs and wants never stops. I already worry when my wife has that certain look in her eyes and I know what’s on her mind. “Honey, Johnny needs new shoes and Angela needs to pay her teacher for the piano lessons…” I want to shout, “Look, I am not made of money.” But how can I give in to the temptation of telling my loved ones: “You’ll have to do without. Sorry.” Because deep inside there is a small, gentle voice that says, “You gave your heart to Me. Don’t you trust Me anymore?” I know God is right. He’s always right, but sometimes trusting is so hard to do. Yet I never read in the Bible that Jesus tells us that God has given enough. “Children, you are asking too much. I already gave you new shoes awhile back. Stop asking. I need to save some money for My old age too.” That sounds ridiculous. Of course we need to be saving and Jesus expects us to be good stewards over the material blessings He has given us, but there is a fine line between fear and genuine trust that we would do well to understand. More than anything, God wants us to honour Him with trust. After all, this earth and its material wealth will last only so long, but eternity never stops, so it is a wise thing to invest into that glorious dimension of the future. The bottom line is this: “God will take care of us, no matter what happens, and no matter what obstacles we may encounter on the way.” It pleases God when we give, and live in faith with an attitude of trust. Rather than to look at our human limitations, we should look at the promises that He gave us. And that doesn’t only apply to our material possessions, but it certainly applies to prayer as well. We often lack the faith to ask God in full confidence for those things we really need. That’s too big, or too difficult. ‘God will do that for other people, but no, not for me.’ But God wants to supply. He loves to pour out His blessings upon His children, but He is limited by our faith, or our lack of faith. Didn’t Jesus say that we only need faith as a mustard seed? (Matthew 17:20) That’s a pretty small seed. So it’s not our big faith that counts, but genuine, small faith will do the trick. The evangelist Dwight L. Moody put it well when he said: “We don’t need great faith. A little faith in a great God is enough.”


Lord, forgive us for our worries and lack of faith. Forgive us for our unbelief, and teach us that we may come boldly before your throne of grace and claim help in time of need. You will always take care of us and our happiness is in the forefront of your mind. Thank you for being such a loving Father. Amen.

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Hi. My name is Koos and I am from the Netherlands. I have known Jesus for about 40 years and lived as a missionary in several countries, like Brazil and South Africa. Recently I moved back to the Netherlands in order to write. My goal in life? I hope to help, inspire and strengthen others with the Good News of God's love. I have been married for 40 years and my wife and me have seven wonderful children. (and one dog) I pray my articles will be a blessing to you, dear reader. Warm greetings and God's blessing to you. Kind regards Koos

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