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Calling You

Calling You

I called
But You didn’t answer
I reached for You
But You didn’t extend Your arm
I cried for help
But You didn’t dry the tears
I pleaded with You
But You stayed silent still

The hurt was deafening
The pain only increased
The pills added to my sorrow
No signs of relief

I turned to doctors
The best there could be
Examinations to MRIs
Then, Chemotherapy

Nothing seemed to help

The hospital walls
Were closing in on me
Desperation set in
Turned to despair
Depression looming

Does it mean You don’t care?

Heaven’s Gates opened wide
You called to me, finally
I heard Your voice so clear
Now, I am here

My family, my friends
All ask how could this be
I see their tears
Broken smiles

But I look into Your eyes
At last to see
Just because You didn’t
Heal me
Doesn’t mean You don’t
Love me

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