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Can my Sins be Forgiven?

Can my Sins be Forgiven?

He was kind
Swept me off my feet
I fell into his arms
They came to arrest me

Caught in adultery
A deed against the law
Punishable by Death
As people throw stones

Dragged into the middle of a crowd
Some Man was speaking
I hid my face from Him

Everyone found out what I had done
There was nowhere to run
My reputation tarnished
My life about to be gone

The Rabbi said not a word
Simply wrote on the ground
The crowd stood in anticipation
I waited with no defense for myself

He gave the command
For the first stone to be thrown
By the one who had never sinned
In their own life before

One by one they fled
No stone was thrown
My Lord stood there alone
He saved me from the Law
Because I was still alive
He let me go

Can a person’s life really change
For the better
He changed mine

Because I’d received
A Love and Forgiveness
I never deserved

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