We’re sometimes challenged as to when to talk, and when to be silent. There are seasons when we need to speak/express, and seasons when we need to be in zip formation. Awareness and doing, of course, are two different things. All of us have opened our mouths and said things out of season then came to regret our spoken words. Once the expressions are released, they can’t be erased from atmospheres. They’re out and doing whatever . . . . Sure, we can apologize, and on occasions, be forgiven, but truly, we don’t forget. Fall outs from such circumstances vary; they can be unpredictable. I’m not able to count the times that I’ve misspoken and regretted. Other folks share those sentiments. There are some folks who have chronic “foot in mouth disease.” Yep, people with haphazard running “faucets” on regular rotation. There’s hope, though, because positive change is possible. I’m deeply grateful to have learned to curb my tongue and expressions, and to engage with others who are wise inContinue reading »

Bespectacled Calvert, a fervent lover of the Lord, does janitorial work at a posh office building in Bethesda, Maryland. He loves his job but lately he’s questioning his usefulness to the Lord. Today is Calvert’s weekly fellowship with his friends and fellow laborers in the Lord, Josh and Peter. The trio meets at the Harmony Café in Suitland, Maryland. Calvert slides his wiry frame into the booth beside portly Peter, the eldest of the chums. “Guys, I’m having doubts about my usefulness to the cause of the gospel. I wonder sometimes if I’m doing effective service for the Lord.” Peter reassuringly places his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “You sure are, Calvert. Consistently, your light shines for the glory of God.” Calvert shrugs. “My confidence has taken a hit. I yearn for it to be restored.” Josh adds, “We’re around you often, Calvert, and witness your steady walk with the Lord. Your doubts are unfounded, man.” “Thanks, guys,” Calvert murmurs. Peter slaps the table. “Let’s pray,” he offers. The friendsContinue reading »