Fullness is bliss Ah, the richness of it – God so graciously guides us into fullness when we align with pure principles and precepts Fullness is precious – Living in fullness is beyond satisfying – The love of God stirs the best in us – Yes, the beauty and splendor of love and its assorted postures Fullness includes gratitude – The pouring in of gratitude alters our mental and spiritual landscapes – We walk in thanksgiving “meadows” with its lush “gardens” of pleasure Fullness is peace – Ah, the peace that passes understanding with calm that’s immeasurable in its existence – We gratefully welcome peace in our heart spaces Fullness is abundant and great in its placement within us.        

My heart goes out to the victims of domestic abuse. Recently, in the region where I reside, there were two news reports of tragic domestic situations that ended in fatalities. The instances have no certain race, economic status, or culture. Those matters happen in assorted households and societal classes. It saddens more to know that domestic abuses happen also in Christian realms. I can’t recall ever hearing any sermons about Christian cases. Typically, it’s a topic that’s not much discussed openly in Christian circles. Some years ago, it was reported that the wife of a pastor was habitually abused by her husband. At length, she suffered in silence. Shame is enormous in matters of abuse, thus, many people don’t seek help nor do they share their anguish even with family members. Telltale signs manifest that folks notice, but often those who are abused make excuses for the obvious. It’s my wish that church communities do more to aid people who are snared in abusive relationships. Loneliness is common relative toContinue reading »

Ah, the splendor of jewels opals, diamonds, and rubies galore – Pearls, garnets, emeralds, Oh my, the jewel cases are replete with precious goodies So much pulls at our heartstrings and pleases our eyes – Rich treasures abound in the splendor of the gifts from God’s earth Alas, though, our Lord gives us jewels that we embrace from within – Love, joy, peace, faith, and goodness Yes, oh, taste and see that the Lord is good. Magnificence shines and glows as we inhale the resplendent beauties of God Almighty – Precious awareness that our Lord outshines ALL – Yes, the Master Jeweler arrays in the heart spaces much that delights, heals, comforts and instructs Brilliance at its best!

All around us, we see stages of development. Eggs hatch and reptiles, chickens and other creatures exit their shells. They arrive on the earth’s surface, but not yet independent. Training days are ahead for the new births. Let the adventures begin. A week or so ago, I paid particular notice to one of my favorite trees in the rear of where I live. Wee bud appearances were evident on its limbs. I smiled at the spring growth that’s bursting forth on the tree. Yesterday, I observed that the buds on it have transformed into small blossoms. Yes, that tree, among many, is on the way to being fully clothed again with lush leaves of life. The magnificence of God certainly cannot be measured. Amazing stages of development surround and delight us. We enter through wombs and gradually develop independent means. I smile as I recall that, as children, some of us were so eager to be older. We’d be asked our ages and our responses would be “8-1/2” or someContinue reading »

We weather storms within and without – sweet fragrances of life manifest anyhow Thundering and lightning accompany stormy movements – No need to fear God reigns in ALL formations Lessons appear with the wind and the rain Stormy releases – What shall we learn? We can dance in the patterns, Relax in the matters, And leap in the raindrops Drenches pour – It’ll soon subside Expect water power Giving more life to our planet Lightning displays do their performances – Flashes of energies Whopee! Thunder claps make their rhythmic noises Solid sounds get our attention – Impossible to ignore as the storms speak It’s wonderfully reassuring that God walks with us in every episode. Peace, be still.

How often are we enriched by teachers? Countless times, of course, is the answer. What they contribute cannot be adequately measured. How often, though, are teachers underrated? Excellent teachers superbly share from their rich hearts, and skill sets. They have tremendous impact in the molding and building up of students. In the Bible, we read of how Eli took Samuel under his wing and taught him about hearing the voice of the Lord and other valuable lessons. Samuel became a prominently loyal man of God. His impact was enormous. He was used in the life movements of Saul, and the Lord sent him to anoint David as king. We read where Samuel was consistently in tune with God and his guidance. Yes, indeed, he was a profound inspiration. The apostle Paul was one of the greatest teachers who we read about in the bible. In Acts 9, when he had his experience with the Lord on the road to Damascus, Paul began his journey of becoming one of the mostContinue reading »

Some months ago, I bumped into a dear friend of mine. It’s always wonderful meeting him. After many years as a missionary in far away countries, he is always full of stories and encouragement. When he saw me he held me in a big bear hug and said, “You know, prayer always works; always!” There was a gleam in his eyes. I knew he was going to tell me about one of his adventures and he had my rapt attention. “Jesus,” he said, “is a shepherd. He knows where the green pastures are and where the wolves hide, and we don’t. So when we need help, we need to talk to Him.” He chuckled and said, “I was in a financial pinch the other day so I entered my closet and took time to listen to the Master.” “Sure,” I answered. “What did God say?” “Teach,” my friend said. “Teach? Teach what?” “Teach Dutch.” “Huh? Teach Dutch?” I didn’t understand. I know the Lord never fails and that He’s alwaysContinue reading »

Let’s see – What did our incomparable God load in the treasure chest? Ooh, ooh, lots of goodie bags Love bags Peace bags Joy bags Strength bags Temperance bags – The chest of generosity is loaded with the signature style of our wonderful Lord There’s wisdom contained Ooh, and knowledge, too – Lessons are spread throughout the precious chest – Treasures galore are in the jeweled container – Cups run over Woo wee We peer in and see trees, flowers, and sea life – Creatures great and small Oh my Sun views Moon views Twinkling stars Cascading waterfalls – We bask in the captivating, endless views of gorgeousness We marvel at the treasure chest of love filled with resplendent gifts for us We bow in gratitude and reverence to our magnificent gift giver – God, most High. Thank you!

How wondrous it is to anticipate the movements of God We have seasons when we wait with excitement and glee Our journeys of glory are filled with awe – witnessing the plentiful ways that our Lord manifests We anticipate the sunrises and sunsets – We anticipate the rain falls, the flowers blooming – the birds in flight delivering their varied melodic sounds – Ah, the beauty of that which lives – all crafted by our Master Creator It’s a surety that boredom isn’t in the mix with God – We can’t predict how divine occurrences will unfold – Thoughts, expressions, and performances of the Most High astound Love surrounds Beauty flows Splendor delights Joy abounds Views astonish Yes, rocky moments appear, but we still choose to anticipate how the Lord shows and answers Anticipation heightens and subsides as we continue our journeys – Yes, often it’s there while we abide in Almighty God in anticipation.

Soon the spring season will be upon us again – Ah, the delightful anticipation Buds on flowers manifest into full bloom – Butterflies flutter in splendid beauty – Bees alight and buzz on honey travels Gusts of wind arrive with March – Hold onto your hats or they’ll end up in flight Outdoor lunches abound in parks all over with folks delighting in the sun rays and open sky views Green grass represents new birth – Birds soar in sync with the movement of the season Children happily frolic on playgrounds – The beauty of spring is welcome They swing, jump and run – Their laughter fills the air Spring refreshment will soon make another appearance – We’re eager again to engage in it. Whoopee! Thanks be to God for so superbly arranging the seasons for us to gratefully and pleasantly partake.

How challenging is it to be spiritually unyoked with spouses? Only those who have lived and are currently living it truly know what such conditions do in relationships. When children are in the mix, the challenges present themselves on increased levels. What ways are best to handle the spiritual differences? The answers vary. There’s no one size fits all. Some folks got married as mutually non-Christian. Later, in some marital unions, spouses became Christians, which can have spouses feeling like they are married to strangers. Emotional distance seeps in due to the spiritual differences. How can the Christian spouses love and be loyal to the Lord, but also love and honor their non-Christian spouses? Where are the lines of compromise? In some instances, initially, boundaries may be confusing. The Bible provides some guidance as does the Holy Spirit, but still, it can become more than slightly challenging to abide in those mixed spiritual environments. Another family dynamic is when spouses are equally yoked as Christians, but later their spouses decideContinue reading »