Admiration galore flows to those who persevere against odds and expectations. Plenty of examples can be found of such inspirational reports and accounts. Likely, we all have our favorites. It’s with immense pleasure, respect and honor that I share some of mine here. Yes, abundant respect and honor for those folks who pursued their passions, regardless of the hurdles, obstacles and dismissals. Triumphantly, they proved others, and sometimes, themselves wrong. Conquer, they did, anyhow. – In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, during the 400 meter race, British runner Derek Redmond experienced a torn hamstring. He was determined to finish the race. As Derek hobbled forward, his father, Jim, came from the stands to assist him. The track authority personnel attempted to stop Jim but he pushed the man away. The authorities ceased their attempts to prevent him. Jim told Derek that he didn’t have to finish; Derek responded, “Yes, I do.” His father answered that they’d finish together. Father and son kept going toward the finish line with Derek sobbing inContinue reading »

Days ago, there was an online video clip of a father attempting, with the use of technology, to calm his crying baby who was in a crib. I believe that it was a fictional account, but it spoke volumes, nonetheless. The father used his phone to show the baby a live video of the child’s mother while she was grocery shopping. The mother cooed into the camera as the father held the phone in front of the baby, who continued to wail in cry mode. Finally, the father lifted the child from the crib. Instantly, he stopped crying. The touch of the father quieted the precious little one. Yes, that video clip spoke volumes. Technology wasn’t the solution in that situation, and couldn’t substitute for the father’s loving touch. Technology has done marvels to aid us in our personal and business tasks. Fun is also contained in the use of the multiple gadgets. I have no clue of the array of what’s available in technology in these times in whichContinue reading »

In some denominations, the wives of pastors are called “First Ladies.” Often, people perceive those roles as glamorous, and there are some women who covet being wives of pastors for reasons that aren’t necessarily for the love of God. The positions do have their “perks,” but the true roles of the wives of pastors are to love God first, and to support their husbands in the homes and in the missions assigned by God. When the marital unions complement the calls of ministries, those are indeed harmonious placements. Positive matrimonial team choices benefit in manifold ways. Outside the realms of balance, the wives of pastors can be lonely and neglected women. There have even been reports of them being abused by their husbands. Misunderstanding the wives of pastors is another issue of concern. Some church members knowingly and unknowingly put stress on them. There are folks who have unreasonable expectations of pastors, their wives and families. Inconsideration comes in to play in various circumstances. Occasions manifest when some folks crossContinue reading »

Orange County is the locale for the edible meeting. The orchard folks have been looking forward to the oral feast. The summit was called by the fruit delegation to address the increased disconnect between fruits and vegetables. The fruits earnestly desire a better relationship with the vegetable community. Attendees pour into the Strawberry Field Arena. Early participants snatch the prime front seats. Turnip, cauliflower and watermelon rows fill up quickly. Bananas peel in and slide by grape clusters. Veggies roll in and take seats across the aisle from the fruit ensembles. Peas and carrots are side by side joined by green beans. The row is plenty colorful with the combined mixes. Lights are lowered. The fruity speech is about to begin. Honey Dew Melon strides center stage and approaches the lectern. He speaks in love with eloquence about the need for unity. Initially, all in attendance aren’t on board, but as the speech continues, nods throughout the assembly are observed. Honey Dew emphasizes that the body has a need forContinue reading »

David was the due time man arranged by God to topple Goliath. The other men present ran from the giant man. 1 Samuel 17: 24 – KJV, “And all the men of Israel, when they saw the man, fled from him, and were sore afraid.” David stepped forth and put things in perspective. His own brother misunderstood, and thus unwisely rebuked him for his action plan. Regardless, David wouldn’t allow misunderstanding, distractions or the fears of others to move him from his mission assigned by God. Before his due time with Goliath, David had been prepared by God for this eventful day with the giant man. In particular, we read of two prep actions; David slew a lion and a bear. Yes, by the time he had to face Goliath, David was indeed ready for the epic battle with the uncircumcised Philistine. When Goliath laid his eyes on David, he mocked and disdained the holy man of God for David was a youth and certainly of much smaller stature thanContinue reading »

Are we able to count the advantages of praise? How refreshing to know that God inhabits the praises of His people. When we lift our holy hands in adoration to the most High, our spirits lift in the exercises as we extol the magnificence of our Lord. Gratitude swells within us as we revel in the joys of praise. It’s a certainty that our praises are never vain in practice when we go before our Father in sincerity and in truth. He delights in our worship and rewards our love and holy movements upward to His blessed presence. What do we do when we don’t know how to proceed? Among other things, we offer God sacrifices of praise. We release our sorrows and do as our Lord tells us — rest in Him because He calls us to cast all our cares upon Him for indeed He cares. We praise God when we know and we praise Him when we don’t know. In season and out of season, we blessContinue reading »

Deuteronomy 28:12 – KJV “The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure . . . and to bless all the work of thine hand: . . .” Assorted tangible treasures are on displays that appeal to our visual senses. Diamonds, pearls, rubies and sapphires invite us to embrace the beauty of their allure. We admire the varied artistic creations that “speak” to us through media and personal observations. Houses, cars, gadgets, fashions — the list goes on of things that satisfy our temporal needs, desires and preferences. Yes, things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal – 2 Corinthians 4:18 – KJV. The best resides in the unseen. God lovingly and generously provides pure, precious and eternal treasures. True fulfillment is to dwell in Him — to feast on the meat of His words — and to drink of His living water. We abide in Jesus and glory in the gift of the Holy Spirit. The value of those placements cannot beContinue reading »