How often are we enriched by teachers? Countless times, of course, is the answer. What they contribute cannot be adequately measured. How often, though, are teachers underrated? Excellent teachers superbly share from their rich hearts, and skill sets. They have tremendous impact in the molding and building up of students. In the Bible, we read of how Eli took Samuel under his wing and taught him about hearing the voice of the Lord and other valuable lessons. Samuel became a prominently loyal man of God. His impact was enormous. He was used in the life movements of Saul, and the Lord sent him to anoint David as king. We read where Samuel was consistently in tune with God and his guidance. Yes, indeed, he was a profound inspiration. The apostle Paul was one of the greatest teachers who we read about in the bible. In Acts 9, when he had his experience with the Lord on the road to Damascus, Paul began his journey of becoming one of the mostContinue reading »

Let’s see – What did our incomparable God load in the treasure chest? Ooh, ooh, lots of goodie bags Love bags Peace bags Joy bags Strength bags Temperance bags – The chest of generosity is loaded with the signature style of our wonderful Lord There’s wisdom contained Ooh, and knowledge, too – Lessons are spread throughout the precious chest – Treasures galore are in the jeweled container – Cups run over Woo wee We peer in and see trees, flowers, and sea life – Creatures great and small Oh my Sun views Moon views Twinkling stars Cascading waterfalls – We bask in the captivating, endless views of gorgeousness We marvel at the treasure chest of love filled with resplendent gifts for us We bow in gratitude and reverence to our magnificent gift giver – God, most High. Thank you!

How wondrous it is to anticipate the movements of God We have seasons when we wait with excitement and glee Our journeys of glory are filled with awe – witnessing the plentiful ways that our Lord manifests We anticipate the sunrises and sunsets – We anticipate the rain falls, the flowers blooming – the birds in flight delivering their varied melodic sounds – Ah, the beauty of that which lives – all crafted by our Master Creator It’s a surety that boredom isn’t in the mix with God – We can’t predict how divine occurrences will unfold – Thoughts, expressions, and performances of the Most High astound Love surrounds Beauty flows Splendor delights Joy abounds Views astonish Yes, rocky moments appear, but we still choose to anticipate how the Lord shows and answers Anticipation heightens and subsides as we continue our journeys – Yes, often it’s there while we abide in Almighty God in anticipation.

Soon the spring season will be upon us again – Ah, the delightful anticipation Buds on flowers manifest into full bloom – Butterflies flutter in splendid beauty – Bees alight and buzz on honey travels Gusts of wind arrive with March – Hold onto your hats or they’ll end up in flight Outdoor lunches abound in parks all over with folks delighting in the sun rays and open sky views Green grass represents new birth – Birds soar in sync with the movement of the season Children happily frolic on playgrounds – The beauty of spring is welcome They swing, jump and run – Their laughter fills the air Spring refreshment will soon make another appearance – We’re eager again to engage in it. Whoopee! Thanks be to God for so superbly arranging the seasons for us to gratefully and pleasantly partake.

How challenging is it to be spiritually unyoked with spouses? Only those who have lived and are currently living it truly know what such conditions do in relationships. When children are in the mix, the challenges present themselves on increased levels. What ways are best to handle the spiritual differences? The answers vary. There’s no one size fits all. Some folks got married as mutually non-Christian. Later, in some marital unions, spouses became Christians, which can have spouses feeling like they are married to strangers. Emotional distance seeps in due to the spiritual differences. How can the Christian spouses love and be loyal to the Lord, but also love and honor their non-Christian spouses? Where are the lines of compromise? In some instances, initially, boundaries may be confusing. The Bible provides some guidance as does the Holy Spirit, but still, it can become more than slightly challenging to abide in those mixed spiritual environments. Another family dynamic is when spouses are equally yoked as Christians, but later their spouses decideContinue reading »

We’re surrounded by gifts — Priceless gifts of love and splendor Gifts with no expiration dates I stepped outside today and connected with multiple gifts — Trees, birds, clouds, rain and snow I danced in their presence A dance of joy, freedom and gratitude — Thankfulness manifested in fluid motions in sync with the movements of love It was a happy dance despite what appears with aims to distract — We press through with awareness that we dwell in the habitation of God Our Lord provides bountiful and abundant gifts — Days and nights we’re presented with more gifts — How precious and treasured that LOVE is the best gift of all.

Recently, I watched a video that placed about five or six children, individually, in a room to learn their responses. Each child was asked what one gift they desired for Christmas. That one gift was placed before each one of them. Each child was then asked what one gift was wanted for the family. The answers were given to the facilitator. The family gift was placed beside each child. The catch was that each child had to pick ONE gift. They all picked the family gift. They each were asked why and they shared that family mattered most. The outcome was that the children were given BOTH gifts. They were so happy. Their parents were in another room and when their children joined them expressions of love and hugs flowed. That video nearly moved me to tears. It was so precious to observe how those kids chose and shared why. It’s a wonderful thing that not all family members are biological. We have friends and blended folks who are family.Continue reading »

We’ve all been the recipients of signs from God. We have seasons when we marvel at the varied ways that our Lord sends us signs. God uses people to deliver messages to us. Animals are “recruited” to bring us signs from on high. Yes, birds, pets, and even animals in the wild transmit messages for us to “read” and from which to actively proceed. Who has driven down roads and highways and observed signs and billboards with messages from God? Yes, He sometimes uses some of the most ordinary things to get our attention and to cause us to recognize. Some signs come with repeats to confirm that indeed God is speaking. Certainly, when messages are meant for us, our Lord is clear in deliveries. We realize; we know — even though we don’t always readily heed what we clearly receive. We have our seasons of resistance, which sure doesn’t bode well for such postures. Consequences arrive whatever we decide. Ideally, we listen and obediently act upon the guidance ofContinue reading »

There’s so much richness in truth — so much power in truth. Living truth is replete with strength, courage, joy and much more that’s beneficial. When love and truth are in partnership, nothing transcends that duo, which comes to us from the Master of love and truth, God, our Creator. The Lord grants us pure things that are beyond comparison with anything or anyone else. Love and truth are enormously vital. 1 John 3:18 – KJV My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

Music is instrumental in dazzling our heart strings. It manages to delight, comfort, inspire, and encourage us. The Master Maestro is God Almighty, who splendidly orchestrates in harmonic rhythm. He never misses a beat and is always on key. We all have our favorite songs, melodies, and lyrical treats. Yes, and we have our preferred artists, as well. Moments for instrumental sounds arrive, as do moments for upbeat, lively melodies. Our moods have occasions when we desire and welcome the benefits of soothing music, too. All races, cultures and types of people enjoy music. We certainly have that in common on a global scale. Music is used to unite and to aid in reconciling differences. It also “speaks” love languages in an array of ways. Yes, indeed music comes into play in remedial fashions. We’re so grateful for the musical professionals who entertain and engage us with their musical gifts. They work, in earnest, to advance their crafts. Appreciation extends for what they invest and share with us of theirContinue reading »

There aren’t enough hours in the day to tell the vastness of what we are thankful for from our Most High, Creator, God. His love and generosity is boundless. Gifts, in their many forms, can be spectacular as can the views that are placed all over the “globe.” We’re grateful for the stunningly appealing gifts, but ALL gifts from God are to be appreciated. We’re blessed with air, water, fire, this great planet earth and its plentiful resources. Family member treasures and valued friendships add to our rich benefits. Yes, loving, quality relationships are certain “vessels” of endearment. We’re given animals — yes, precious creatures great and small. The greatest gift that we’re given is love. Living in the splendor of the incomparable assurances from God Almighty is joy, peace and security indeed. It’s impossible to count the manifold ways that God provides. His stream of supplies is endless in flow. We ride the ebbs and flows of the tides aware that our Lord always knows what’s best for usContinue reading »