Autumn is on the horizon A time to reap what’s been sown Seasonal changes occur – Leaves gain new colors and flutter from the trees Coolness arrives in our mornings Pumpkins display their artistic carvings Hay rides fill with gleeful children Candy apples delight our eager taste buds The Lord tells us that we reap what we sow – Yes, we learn the truths in that message – Throughout the Bible we read of the realities of consequences reaped from sown acts of good and evil Splendid changes are on the horizon for those who chose closeness to God Indeed, it’s a win win choice of direction Harvest time is ever present in the kingdom . . .

Fire trials seared within Strangle holds manifested giving multiplied discomforts I wondered, will I ever escape these burning uncertainties? I wondered, where, oh, where is the way out? Fire kept burning – Smoke captured me in its choking grip I wondered, exit, where are you? Suddenly, the air cleared – My channels opened Relief had arrived – Fire diminished to a mere smolder Ah, breezes entered – Passages of air swirled within The fire’s strong grip on my faculties was temporary God used the high temperatures to teach, to purge, to rid of some needless branches to better the standing Whew! I’ve crossed over to the other side where some fire still flickers . . . but no longer am I choked by the smoke Release is a happy place . . . !

We weather storms within and without – sweet fragrances of life manifest anyhow Thundering and lightning accompany stormy movements – No need to fear God reigns in ALL formations Lessons appear with the wind and the rain Stormy releases – What shall we learn? We can dance in the patterns, Relax in the matters, And leap in the raindrops Drenches pour – It’ll soon subside Expect water power Giving more life to our planet Lightning displays do their performances – Flashes of energies Whopee! Thunder claps make their rhythmic noises Solid sounds get our attention – Impossible to ignore as the storms speak It’s wonderfully reassuring that God walks with us in every episode. Peace, be still.

In the Bible, we read where God promised Abraham a son. Genesis 16:19 – KJV, “And God said, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him.” Abraham was beyond ninety five years old and Sarah was ninety when they had their covenant son, Isaac. Abraham was old, too, when Hagar bore Ishmael. Talk about waiting — wow! David was anointed king years before he performed in the role. He experienced challenges while he waited, challenges that included King Saul, who became his ardent rival. Saul was in hot pursuit of him. At one point, David hid from Saul’s relentless onslaughts. Saul’s son Jonathan befriended his father’s enemy, David, while David waited for change to come. David had opportunity to slay Saul but he spared his life because David declared to him in I Samuel 24: 10 – KJV, “Behold, this day thine eyes haveContinue reading »

Oh, how challenging it can sometimes be for us to trust and wait. Expectation sits within us as we wait. What we wait for varies. Some folks are waiting for healing, enduring the episodes and bouts. Some folks are waiting for financial relief, which can certainly strain mentalities. People wait on suitable mates hoping for matrimonial bliss and steadfast contentment. Job expectations are another facet of waiting, as are college acceptances. Scores of youth claim, “I can’t wait to move out on my own.” If they only knew . . . . Often, it’s a matter of how we wait — our frame of mind and spirit. Attitudes make meaningful differences in regard to waiting modes. Dispositions run the gamut in our pause seasons. Groups of folks do well and trust God while needs and desires are pending. Calmness is their choice. Other folks are antsy while waiting and don’t reasonably handle periods of waiting. Nope, being on hold often isn’t delightful in comfort terms. But, wait we must. It’sContinue reading »

How many times have we been surprised at outcomes and results? Stuff like basketball teams winning at buzzer beaters, runners coming from behind and winning races — same for horses? Wow! What a rush to experience, witness and learn about unexpected upsets. Politics has experienced such wins, as well. Yep, in life, underdogs do astound and beat the odds against them. In the bible, we read of the story of Gideon and how he and those chosen by God to battle with him were outnumbered. That book of Judges account is a favorite of the many folks who are familiar with it. Added to the inspiration of the story is that Gideon was poor and the least in his father’s house but, nonetheless, called by God to judge and to lead three hundred men to victory. Judges 6:15 – KJV, “And he said unto him, Oh my Lord, wherewith shall I save Israel? behold my family is poor in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.” EcclesiastesContinue reading »

Admiration galore flows to those who persevere against odds and expectations. Plenty of examples can be found of such inspirational reports and accounts. Likely, we all have our favorites. It’s with immense pleasure, respect and honor that I share some of mine here. Yes, abundant respect and honor for those folks who pursued their passions, regardless of the hurdles, obstacles and dismissals. Triumphantly, they proved others, and sometimes, themselves wrong. Conquer, they did, anyhow. – In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, during the 400 meter race, British runner Derek Redmond experienced a torn hamstring. He was determined to finish the race. As Derek hobbled forward, his father, Jim, came from the stands to assist him. The track authority personnel attempted to stop Jim but he pushed the man away. The authorities ceased their attempts to prevent him. Jim told Derek that he didn’t have to finish; Derek responded, “Yes, I do.” His father answered that they’d finish together. Father and son kept going toward the finish line with Derek sobbing inContinue reading »

Amber and her family have moved to Evergreen Lane in Tampa, Florida. Geographically, they love it but emotionally their hearts are deeply attached to the east coast where extended family remains. Job duties called Trent, Amber’s father, to Tampa; responsibly, he answered the workplace need. In the laundry room, pony-tailed Monica, clothed in a red and white polka dot sundress, hums along with the low playing classical music on the radio. She taps her flip flop clad narrow foot to the tune of the soothing music. Smiling as she folds Trent’s assorted basketball uniform shorts, Monica thinks of his passion for the game. “That husband of mine loves his basketball nights.” Dressed snappily in her blue denim capris and tie-died tee shirt, lithe Amber enters the laundry room. “What’d you say, Mom?” She rests her three-fingered hand on the warm dryer. How’d that hand matter come to be? Amber was born minus her pinky and index fingers. Monica cheerfully answers, “Oh, I was absorbed about your dad and his basketballContinue reading »