We’re sometimes challenged as to when to talk, and when to be silent. There are seasons when we need to speak/express, and seasons when we need to be in zip formation. Awareness and doing, of course, are two different things. All of us have opened our mouths and said things out of season then came to regret our spoken words. Once the expressions are released, they can’t be erased from atmospheres. They’re out and doing whatever . . . . Sure, we can apologize, and on occasions, be forgiven, but truly, we don’t forget. Fall outs from such circumstances vary; they can be unpredictable. I’m not able to count the times that I’ve misspoken and regretted. Other folks share those sentiments. There are some folks who have chronic “foot in mouth disease.” Yep, people with haphazard running “faucets” on regular rotation. There’s hope, though, because positive change is possible. I’m deeply grateful to have learned to curb my tongue and expressions, and to engage with others who are wise inContinue reading »

I looked at the twelve story building, silhouetted against a grey sky and I shivered. “Look at that hospital,” I told my wife. “It looks so big and ominous. I hope I’ll never be in that place.” “Don’t worry about it.” My wife smiled reassuringly. “God is stronger than a mere hospital.” *** It started with a slight pain in my stomach. I figured it was due to something I ate and tried to push it away. But the pain didn’t go away and soon became stronger. “I sure hope this pain is leaving soon,” I murmured. But it didn’t. Then the fevers came. High fevers that left me soaked with sweat. I prayed for healing, quoted scriptures and ate all the right foods, but the fevers didn’t go away either. Again I hoped for a change for the better. But it got worse. Then the doctor came. He shook his head and for awhile said nothing. I looked at him from my sweaty bed with anticipation. I hope he doesn’t send me toContinue reading »

I called But You didn’t answer I reached for You But You didn’t extend Your arm I cried for help But You didn’t dry the tears I pleaded with You But You stayed silent still The hurt was deafening The pain only increased The pills added to my sorrow No signs of relief I turned to doctors The best there could be Examinations to MRIs Then, Chemotherapy Nothing seemed to help The hospital walls Were closing in on me Desperation set in Turned to despair Depression looming Does it mean You don’t care? Heaven’s Gates opened wide You called to me, finally I heard Your voice so clear Now, I am here My family, my friends All ask how could this be I see their tears Broken smiles Questioning… But I look into Your eyes At last to see Just because You didn’t Heal me Doesn’t mean You don’t Love me

The first time I saw her she was standing at the coffee machine. “Hi.” She gave me a tired smile. “Coffee’s just about the best thing here, isn’t it?” “True,” I said. “Have you been here long?” “Off and on.” She sighed. “Last time we had to stay three weeks. Then we were home again, but soon Elbert got another fever. So, we’re back in the fray.” I nodded. It had been the same for me, ever since our son had been diagnosed with leukemia. The hospital provided initial treatment and then sent us home with a boatload of pills. At first, it didn’t seem so bad. A few pills, a bit of discomfort. But then came the fevers. And the doctor had been very specific about it. “If he gets even a slight fever, come straight back,” he warned. “Don’t take chances.” For months, we traveled back and forth between home and the children’s cancer ward–traveling between hope and despair. “How old is Elbert?” “Seven.” She smiled. “His fever’sContinue reading »

Why I wonder, do I worry? Is it a lack of faith? Has God failed me yet? I suffer from a chronic pain condition and am on three medications for this condition. Two of these are to be taken four times a day as needed. Fortunately, I don’t require meds during the night (when I am sleeping) so I am able to restrict myself to the dosing instructions; however, some days I must take these every three hours to adequately control the pain, meaning some days I take five instead of four, which means, should I do this several times during the month, I run the risk of running out. Running out would mean a miserable time for me until I could refill my meds. Such was the case last month. Due to some rough days, I was seriously short at month end. Naturally, I began to worry. What would happen? How bad would it be? The shortage was sure to be a day, possibly two. I was very concerned,Continue reading »

Take every thought captive to the knowledge of Christ. I don’t know if others are like me, but I imagine there are at least some, and probably many. Perhaps, as I have grown older, I think more about dying. I don’t mean my dying, but loved ones, and not just dying but I picture… well, I can’t tell you what I picture, or rather I won’t tell. As I was capturing the scene with my words, the Spirit of God said I should not, and weird or not, as I started writing those things out, I quickly felt the darkness was pressing to break through. These are some of the vain imaginations that God does not desire you or me, to dwell upon in any way. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5(NIV) The same happens when I begin to picture the scene in my mind, which comes allContinue reading »

I have often found a deathbed salvation hard to accept, especially those who have spent their earthly life doing every kind of evil, even rape and murder – even against those who are helpless and have no avenue of escape like children, but why? Well, they don’t deserve it. We feel superior to those hopelessly embroiled in lifelong sin. BUT. When we received salvation, carrying our (at the moment) lifelong sins, in that moment of admitting, Jesus pardoned all of our sins, wiping the slate clean as if we’d never sinned at all. Once we have been saved and made new, we no longer bear these crimes against God. We may still feel the weight of them, but we needn’t. How about the sins we commit after we have been pardoned? Do we treat them as the former – already forgiven? Surely not! Although we have been cleansed from the former, we now bear the current sins. We still have to ask, but it will be forgiven. What about theContinue reading »

Often, we desire the best, yet we tend to, on occasions, resist what it involves to attain it. College students attend universities to obtain degrees, but some of them initially throw caution to the wind, particularly during their freshman years. They drink alcohol in excess, party unreasonably, and hang out to the wee hours of mornings. Then the students get their grades and it hits home to them that their lax studying habits resulted in dreadful progress reports. Wake up calls do happen with students making amendments by properly prioritizing their activities. In such choices, their best can indeed be achieved. Workplaces have folks who slack off on the regular and then they complain when they aren’t receiving the best from employers. Such workers give less than their best but expect the best to manifest for them. Certainly, those expectations aren’t reasonable. Athletes who aspire to Olympic status regularly practice for hours for long stretches of time — years. They aim for the best and they invest their best. ProfessionalContinue reading »

Is it true that forgiveness can have levels and stages of processing? Is it fair to say that some things are easier to forgive than others? I believe so. Indeed, forgiveness, in some instances, can be more than slightly challenging. We have seasons when we engage in “wrestling matches” within ourselves concerning the matter of forgiveness. We’re prone to take up resistance stances, despite what we know the Lord instructs. The Bible clearly tells us about forgiveness and that we are to do it. In truth, there are occasions when it’s easier said than done. The forgiveness journey comes in various shapes and sizes. We know of marital infidelities, family betrayals, financial cons, workplace back stabbings, etc. And then there are some folks who live in false states of reality who tend to believe that they don’t need to seek forgiveness. We find it “best” relative to our “comfort” levels to forgive folks who seek it. But we’re not so comfortable when we know that we need to forgive, yet,Continue reading »

Likely, we all know of or have been involved in scenarios, particularly between two people, that take on the form of blame being tossed back and forth. Yes, the blame game with involved parties “justifying” why the issues of contention aren’t “my fault.” Some folks typically have the posture of them, in their estimation, being “pure as the driven snow” while, to them, others are usually the culprits of what has caused friction. Such accusatory and unreasonably judgmental folks add to the problems rather than to the solutions. On the other hand, people who fairly assess and acknowledge their roles in the malfunctions succeed in helping in the solution processes if they proceed with amendments relative to where they went awry. Of course, there are occasions when indeed others are responsible for the conflicts which arose/arise. And such folks are sometimes the very ones who unjustly place blame on us where such isn’t suitably placed. The Lord gives guidance in how to handle such matters. In the Bible, in 2Continue reading »

Click hee to read “One What did Mary know – Part One” We know God’s ways are higher, His intellect greater, and his plan better. The Bible says we cannot understand everything now; our minds are not ready to or capable of embracing the full of the plans and thoughts of God. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. 1 Corinthians13:12 (KJV) It stands to reason, Mary did not know everything there was to know, the ministry, the mockery and the cross. How could she bear that knowledge and still be His mother? He was her Savior and her baby boy. If she had fully comprehended Jesus and the Master’s plan, she would know Jesus was God in the flesh, and, perhaps, she would have been in too much awe to care for Him. Just as the Lord does with us here on earth, she knew as knowledgeContinue reading »