And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. – Matthew 25:40 – KJV. That scriptural section is a favorite of many. It says so much. Yes, the emphasis is on love, caring and sharing — attributes that are deeply necessary. Jesus represents all of that and more. I’m immensely grateful for the people who cheerfully help “the least of these.” Truly, doing so does it unto Jesus. There are countless homeless people who yearn for arms of love to embrace them with generous actions. It matters less how they arrived in those circumstances. What really matters is to wisely help them by showing them Jesus through reaching out in ways that penetrate spiritually, mentally and physically. James 2:17 –KJV tells us, “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” Elderly people often need help navigating during their golden years. Continue reading »

A humorous look at our present time “Your contumacious attitude will get you into deep trouble son. Why are you so feckless?” My mother’s eyes were angry and dark as she spat out the words, which is why I knew, as a nine-year-old boy, that I was in trouble. But what did she mean? I knew I had been disrespectful and I hadn’t been doing my chores and I had even lied. That part I understood. But I didn’t understand the words she was using. Was I contumacious? And feckless? It sounded like a disease. Where did I pick it up? My mother, being an old English schoolteacher, was fond of using difficult words. It confused me. My father, who had left my mother when I was three, raised me in the Netherlands and therefore English wasn’t my first language. “Sorry Mom,” I answered timidly. “But what do these words mean?” “Go to the library and find out!” My mother was clearly not in the teaching mood. “Your father’s truculentContinue reading »

How long are You going to allow the violence to go on? Look at us. Look at what we’re becoming. Is this the reason why the floods came, the Earth opened up, releasing the waters of the deep as the rain came down? Was the Earth so violent, so unforgiving, so malicious, that You had no choice, but to end the carnage that had spread to every corner of the world? Was there no escape from one killing another? Had crime spread so far, been so prevalent, that no one was safe in their homes? Children no longer went outside to play? No one traveled across the countryside to spend time away? Fear replaced the joy that was supposed to blanket the Earth You made? This wasn’t the plan. This wasn’t the plan at all. Time to start all over again. But there was a glimmer of hope. There were the families of Noah and his children and their families. You kept them alive. You had mercy, You had graceContinue reading »

There’s no way to measure the value of mothers. They are so vital to our development. Mothers add quality to their children and the lives that are ahead for them to navigate. In countless ways, the love of mothers is rich, comforting, encouraging and inspiring. I have such fond memories of my mother. I absolutely loved and adored her. Mama was immensely loving, generous, and deeply effective relative to the impact that she had on her children and people who were part of her life. Gratitude extends to God for the wonderful mother who was given to me and my dear siblings. Certainly, lots of people are super thankful to our Lord for the mothers that are/were in their lives. Instances occur where mothers aren’t shown sufficient appreciation for who they are and the many things they do to mold, teach, and to extend help. Yes, mothers are sometimes taken for granted and not always highly esteemed. Global salutes to mothers for their loving postures, sacrificial deeds, protective measures, andContinue reading »

“See, I make all thing new” – Revelation 21:5 With this promise, Our Lord who sits on the Heavenly Throne, gives us the strength and support to face the new year that is filled with trials and tribulations. While these mighty words come in the context of a new heaven an earth, it resounds with our human markers of times and beginnings. As the Lord tells us how all tears shall be wiped away and all manner of sorrows and sadness vanquished he also teaches us to leave behind that which has befallen us- look to the new year, not with dread, but with confidence and hope and with full knowledge that Our Lord is standing by us and protecting us. If we have faith, He will give us a new life with new opportunities and new chances to build his kingdom. If we embrace the Kingdom of God- the authority and dominion of God- we will have it power and protection. To the ancient mind, and to our modern ideas,Continue reading »

The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. Exodus 13:14 (NIV) Pharaoh, when faced with the worst of the plagues, the killing of the firstborn, had finally agreed to let the Hebrews go into the wilderness to worship God. At least that is what he was told they wanted to do. We know, as did they, they were never intending to return to slavery in Egypt. But before they had barely begun to march, Pharaoh found out the Israelites were not planning on returning and sent his full army with their horses and chariots to overtake the Israelites and return them to slavery. For His glory, God told the Children of Israel to camp on the shores of the Red Sea so as to cause Pharaoh to think they were trapped and easy prey. The Lord, to the glory of His great name, commanded Moses to stretch out his staff over the water and proceed through the sea on the path of dry ground provided by God. MosesContinue reading »

How many times have we waxed lamentable about what we perceived were failed relationships, job opportunities, deals, and projects? Relationship endings can be some of the most challenging hurdles to overcome. They often penetrate to the core of our beings with gut wrenching emotional attachments. Whew! A friend of mine was widowed and awhile afterwards, she began to date. She was compelled to end two relationships for a few reasons, but one of the main reasons was because the men didn’t sufficiently respect or appreciate her. Ceasing to engage further with those two relationships provided an advantage because eventually she met a prize of a fellow who adores her. Years ago, an employment agency sent me to work for a woman who proved to be unsavory in her employment practices. I clearly remember my first day there. She read from the Bible to me. Witnessing that action gave me measures of peace that all would be well in her employ. Admittedly, I was gullible back then. In time, I gainedContinue reading »

There’s a knock at the door It opens — Joy enters and floods our space Not just any joy but ultra joy, super joy, inescapable joy We taste it and it moves us to ecstasy Where did it come from? Only the Most High can deliver appetizing pleasures at such elevated heights Joy envelops us, circles us delightfully — We marvel and revel in the pure pleasures of indescribable joy We gleefully partake of the joy offerings — Yes, gulps galore Woo wee, taste and see — The joy of the Lord is our strength No opposition can prevent the presence of joy — in season.

There are vines that climb up at the trunk of a mighty oak and cling to the tree during the storms. These vines have little to fear because of the protection they receive from the tree. When the wind blows on the opposite side of the tree, the vine is safely sheltered from the fierce winds. When the storm blows from the other side and the vine is exposed, the vine is only pressed closer to the trunk and that way there is no danger either. This is a beautiful picture of our lives as Christians. When we hold on to God as the vine does to the oak we have little to fear from the storms of life, we are protected and sheltered by God. It has always been one of life’s greatest mysteries why God allows pain and suffering in our lives. After all, nobody likes to reside in the garden of affliction. Nevertheless, it also seems true that the rarest and most precious of flowers grow inContinue reading »

After our three-year-old son had been diagnosed with leukemia our lives changed drastically. How do you as parents cope with the news that the little fellow that brought so much joy suddenly had to face such a life-threatening disease? There is no formula for it. You just take it as it comes. You seek shelter in the loving arms of the tender Shepherd, but you still have to do the walking. And after we walked together as a family, holding Jesus’ hand through many difficult days, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The doctors pronounced him ‘healed’. But years later the ugly monster raised its foul head again. The cancer had returned, this time in an unfamiliar country with different people, a different culture, and a different hospital. But the fears were the same and so was the pain, and the endless waiting for even the tiniest signs of improvement. We had to take it just as we had done before; moment by moment, day byContinue reading »