Why do we, unrighteously call the answers to our prayers coincidence? If you have a brain tumor and you pray and ask God to heal you, and your doctor performs surgery, removing the tumor and finds it to be benign, isn’t that God answering your prayer? If you ask God for healing, and healing is provided through the knowledge and the skill of a surgeon, why do we credit the surgeon and not God, who gave the skill and knowledge? Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17 (NIV) We want to see blind eyes opened and the lame walk and the dead raised, and we do, but we fail to recognize it. God is the author of all good things. I once had a Sunday School teacher who said to us one Sunday morning that he always wanted to see a miracle, such as blind eyes opened or the deaf regainingContinue reading »

Back in the day, Stella and her twin sister Greta were social butterflies on the scenes in Arlington, Virginia. The Miller twins, Stella and Greta, often threw lavish parties at their palatial house on Warrenton Drive. Dressed to the nines, plenty of folks poured into the crystal glass doors to dance, mingle and dine at the grand galas. More than a few local A-listers were spread throughout the crowded, fabulously decorated rooms. Invitations from the Miller twins were coveted indeed. The snobbish party goers considered “out of the loop” those who weren’t “fortunate” enough to join the festivities at the Miller abode. The food, the music, the crowds, the fashions — oh my. For weeks the events were the talk of the town. The Miller galas went on for years until — the Lord drew Stella and Greta into blessed salvation through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. They discovered contentment and joys beyond anything they’d ever experienced before. Fast forward: Stella and Greta, spinsters, re-located to a modest area inContinue reading »

Has God allowed you to walk through some difficult circumstance? Well you won’t be the first. Mary was a young girl eagerly anticipating her marriage to Joseph when the angel of the Lord appeared to her and told her she had been chosen by God, set apart from all women, and destined to bring forth in childbirth the Savior of the world, the Messiah. Later in the book of Luke, we see Mary going to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, who was also pregnant for the first time, but in her old age. Both women were experiencing a miracle of God. Elizabeth, beyond child bearing age and barren all her life, is pregnant with the forerunner of Jesus, John the Baptist. And Mary, a virgin, is pregnant with Jesus Christ the Lord, by virtue of the Holy Spirit. Luke records, as she is visiting with Elizabeth, what is commonly called The Magnificat or Mary’s Song. 46Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord 47 and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, 48 forContinue reading »

Sooner or later tragedy will strike nearly everyone, Christians included. We, as Christians, are supposed to be different from “the world.” We claim to believe that God’s Word is true, His judgments fair, and His love unfailing. The big question is, when tragedy strikes will we stay the course, or will we turn away? An acquaintance of mine suffered a great loss recently. She just married her college sweetheart, but just a few short weeks before the wedding, her fiancé’s father, who was to officiate at her wedding, was killed in a tragic accident. He was trimming some trees, a limb fell on him and he subsequently died. This young lady and her fiancé are strong Christians, as was the young man’s father. We know that he is in Heaven now with Jesus – healed, whole and immortal. It seems an occasion for rejoicing, but seeing as we live in the flesh, we mourn as well. This is not a failing on our part; even Jesus in the garden mourned HisContinue reading »

Some of us grew up in an era where good manners and courtesy were on regular display. Does anyone else get the sense that chivalry isn’t dead but that it is on life support? There was a “season” when “forgive me,” “thank you,” “please,” and “excuse me” were plentiful in deliveries. Um, when did courtesy, for many, go out of style? Reality reflects that increased rudeness isn’t confined to those who don’t believe in the gospel of Christ. Disheartening is to observe that some professing Christians engage in the practice of rude behavior. It’s a refreshment and joy to patronize establishments and to encounter the now rare employees who render excellent service. When we transact business on the web as well as on the phone, it cheers to engage with courteous personnel who show care and concern for our needs and desires. People of such quality character are treasured assets. Their presence is certainly appreciated. For years, it has been my practice to inform management when I receive excellent serviceContinue reading »

How fortunate that God doesn’t focus on the outward but rather He looks in the hearts. We read in Judges 11 about the judge, Jephthah, who was the son of an harlot – Judges 11:1 – KJV. He was thrust out because of his bloodline. We can only imagine the sorrow that Jephthah bore from being banished from his homeland. What a cruel reality. He fled from those who made it clear that he was despised. The Bible tells us that in process of time, the children of Ammon made war against Israel. In the battle situation, whom did Israel seek? Jephthah, the son of an harlot. Yes, the man who was tossed out because of his heritage. The elders, no less, went to fetch Jephthah to become their captain. What?! Jephthah chided the elders; he reminded them that they’d thrust him out of their midst. He questioned the elders about their hatred of him and then their subsequent choice to request Jephthah to be their captain. Yes, indeed heContinue reading »

NEW GROUND I’m standing on new ground Searching, waiting to be found Forsaking all I’ve ever known Looking fro You alone Everything else is burnt away Time for You to mold this clay Formless and ready In Your hands I’m steady This is a new place These giants I will face Will not run or hide In You alone I confide Daily looking to You to know You go before and battle every foe Peace be in my heart, my soul I’ve been cleansed by Your coal

And God said. . . – Genesis 1 The Creation account is, perhaps, the greatest example of the power of the spoken word. God brought the world to order by his command. He needed no actual physical work or combat or consort, as other religions taught of their gods. The God of the Bible stood, and stands, apart from other deities. The Hebrew word for “word”, dabar, and its related concept “to speak” was seen as a representative of the speaker. The spoken word had a distinct existence and a dynamic quality. The reality and power of the spoken word derives from the speaker. To speak is revelatory act. Therefore, the goodness of majesty of Creation reflect the qualities of God. In modern times, writing has replaced the spoken word as the means of revelation and disclosure. This is because paper is commonplace, unlike in antiquity when it was an expensive commodity. Years ago writing helped us remember; now writing and technology allow us to forget. Words are casually deniedContinue reading »

Many people, men in particular, are always seeking to increase their stature, finances, careers; in a word, Power. Yet, they limit themselves to our physical world for avenues of increased power. It is easy to forget the simple, yet enduring, message of the Gospel. In Mark 6:1-6, we see Jesus returning to His home town, Nazareth. They listened to Him teach, but did not see the Son of God or the Messiah. They only saw the little boy who grew up in their midst and, therefore, did not give His words any authority. Mark is explicit in saying that, other than a few trifling healings, Jesus could not work any miracles because of their lack of faith. Matthew softens this a bit by saying that Jesus would not perform miracles (Matthew 13:56-58). Miracles are glimpses of the Kingdom and Power of God. This short story does not suggest that the power of Christ is dependent on our acceptance or approval. It is saying that through OUR FAITH we can access the infinite powerContinue reading »

A Christian man, who was running an orphanage in Korea, was arrested and sentenced to death on charges of rebellion against the government. He was to be shot. However, when the communist leader heard about the orphanage he had second thoughts. Killing the man would mean many Korean children would be abandoned again, and so he decided to kill the 19-year-old son of the Christian instead. That should teach him a lesson. So it happened that the son was shot in front of the weeping father. Many years later, the fortunes of war had changed and the man who had ordered the killing had now been arrested himself and was charged with war crimes. What was going to be his penalty? He was to be shot. When the Christian heard about it he pleaded for the life of the man, saying: “Killing him will not solve anything. Give this man to me so I may teach him and he can help me in the work of caring for abandoned children.”Continue reading »