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Celebration of Development

Celebration of Development

All around us, we see stages of development. Eggs hatch and reptiles, chickens and other creatures exit their shells. They arrive on the earth’s surface, but not yet independent. Training days are ahead for the new births. Let the adventures begin.

A week or so ago, I paid particular notice to one of my favorite trees in the rear of where I live. Wee bud appearances were evident on its limbs. I smiled at the spring growth that’s bursting forth on the tree. Yesterday, I observed that the buds on it have transformed into small blossoms. Yes, that tree, among many, is on the way to being fully clothed again with lush leaves of life.

The magnificence of God certainly cannot be measured. Amazing stages of development surround and delight us.

We enter through wombs and gradually develop independent means. I smile as I recall that, as children, some of us were so eager to be older. We’d be asked our ages and our responses would be “8-1/2” or some such age with the 1/2 symbol attached. We wanted that extra attachment to speed up our age progression. How many of us, though, as mature in age adults respond to age questions with “49-1/2” or any number with the 1/2 symbol included? I’ve never heard or read of such being done. I’m now laughing.

We make our ways through school grade levels gaining the basic tools of learning from the educational systems. As we grow, our spiritual lives are developed, as well. Many of us learned about the goodness of God and holy living precepts. We experience various “rites of passage,” some of which challenge us considerably. We live, learn and amend accordingly.

Relationships are built, forged and appreciated. Learning how to navigate engagements with others has lessons in abundance. Rich connections are immeasurably satisfying. On the flip side, we sometimes encounter obstacles and assorted hurdles in our dealings with others. Such is reality and the balance of life.

Our journeys teach us ways of loving, sharing, wisdom, conflict resolution, and responsibilities. We celebrate milestones and accomplishments. Yes, celebrations of development. Whoopee!

Of course, our stages in life come with some degrees of suffering. We read in the bible in Hebrews 5:8 – KJV, this about Jesus: “Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered.”

Despite our hardships and unsettling seasons, God assures that we’re not alone. When we choose to align with pure ways, whatever happens, we can contain love, joy and peace anyhow. It’s immensely reassuring to have the awareness that Almighty God is present at every level of our development.

Jubilant praises extend for the plentiful solid rock certainties.

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