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The Dark Days Before Christmas

The Dark Days Before Christmas

People often talk about the dark days before Christmas and depending on where you live in this world that is a true saying. Where I live the temperatures usually drop, the days are short and you can’t appear on the streets unless you are bundled up in several layers of clothing and like most Christmas lovers I am hoping for a white Christmas.

But these days are a good illustration of where we are spiritually as well. In the Spirit, we must bundle up to protect us from the cold winds of doubt that seem to sweep this present world with strong gusts of unbelief.

And then—in the heart of the darkness—there is a star.

A sparkling star that pierces the dark night and that leads the way for all who wish to follow it, to the stable of the newborn King. It leads to a place of hope, forgiveness and peace with God. Like the Catholic Bible puts it, “Peace to men of good will.” *

That is an interesting translation, as the world is not of good will. The world does not want to yield to the Christmas child. It does not want to step through the gate that God made available for us through the birth and the death of Jesus Christ.

The world follows a different standard, which is why the Bible even states that ‘A friend of this world in the enemy of God.’

And looking at these present dark days that statement makes sense. Darkness seems to rule in this world. Things that are too horrible to even mention and which are daily spelled out in the newspapers or are happening even in our own neighborhood.

And things–let this be clear–that have nothing to do with the God of the Bible, a God of love who abhors evil.

God is not careless when people are murdered. He does not turn His head when drugs are peddled and young men die on a battlefield or when families are ripped apart because of lust and selfish desire. God cares and He hates evil.

But today is not yet the day of God’s glorious Kingdom to come.

Today, darkness is still allowed to roam this planet.

Why? Because, when God created us, He equipped us with a most wonderful gift, namely our free will. We are still free to choose.

But soon that is going to change. Just like we, in the Western hemisphere, celebrate the birth of Jesus in the heart of winter, we will also celebrate His return in the heart of this present icy darkness. For when Jesus returns, things are going to change radically.

The prophet Isaiah gave us startling prophecies about both the birth of Jesus, which have been fulfilled to the very letter, and the coming rule of Christ on earth.

In that world, the world to come; selfishness, lust and greed will no longer rule and the Prince of Darkness, Satan himself, will no longer be able to whisper his lies and spread his rebellion against the Prince of Peace.

The Kingdom of God is meant for all those who want it, who are of good will and are willing to bow before the stable of Bethlehem.

Today we are still sighing. The road seems sometimes so long, but Jesus has promised that the road shall not be even one meter too long for any of His children.


He knows, He loves, He cares;
Nothing His truth can dim.
He gives the very best to those
Who leave the choice to Him.


Jesus stands right beside us on the road and there is no part on that road where He is not. And if you draw nigh unto Him and you listen to His whispers you will hear Him say, “My child; be not afraid of the dark. I’ve got you covered. Just so you know, I hate evil even more than you do, for I am the Christmas Child.”



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