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Darkness Beauties

Darkness Beauties

Lives are formed
in the darkness of wombs
protected in those safe places
pending their precious arrivals

Darkness has its beautiful aspects –
We gaze upward
at the starry displays –

The moon hangs
surrounded by planets
and the solar system delights –
We marvel and enjoy the views of darkness

Nocturnal animals surface
to do their movements
in the night hours –
Noises of life
are heard in the nighttime arrangements

Owls hoot
from their wise perches –
Lions prowl in the hours absent of daylight
seizing advantages
from the covers of darkness

Night worker folks
busy themselves
doing essential tasks
adding to the well-being
of our valuable lives

Yes, we’re grateful
for the benefits of darkness
It was here before the light

God greatly designed the days and the nights –
There’s no greater architect
than our Lord Almighty
who laid out the best creation plans
to include the beauty of darkness and light.

Thank you!

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