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Fire Visitation

Fire Visitation

Fire trials seared within
Strangle holds manifested
giving multiplied discomforts

I wondered, will I ever escape
these burning uncertainties?
I wondered, where, oh, where
is the way out?

Fire kept burning –
Smoke captured me
in its choking grip
I wondered, exit, where are you?

Suddenly, the air cleared –
My channels opened
Relief had arrived –
Fire diminished
to a mere smolder

Ah, breezes entered –
Passages of air swirled within
The fire’s strong grip
on my faculties was temporary

God used the high temperatures
to teach, to purge,
to rid of some needless branches
to better the standing

Whew! I’ve crossed over
to the other side
where some fire still flickers . . .
but no longer am I choked by the smoke

Release is a happy place . . . !

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