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Fruit and Vegetable Summit

Fruit and Vegetable Summit

Orange County is the locale for the edible meeting. The orchard folks have been looking forward to the oral feast. The summit was called by the fruit delegation to address the increased disconnect between fruits and vegetables. The fruits earnestly desire a better relationship with the vegetable community.

Attendees pour into the Strawberry Field Arena. Early participants snatch the prime front seats. Turnip, cauliflower and watermelon rows fill up quickly. Bananas peel in and slide by grape clusters.

Veggies roll in and take seats across the aisle from the fruit ensembles. Peas and carrots are side by side joined by green beans. The row is plenty colorful with the combined mixes.

Lights are lowered. The fruity speech is about to begin.

Honey Dew Melon strides center stage and approaches the lectern. He speaks in love with eloquence about the need for unity.

Initially, all in attendance aren’t on board, but as the speech continues, nods throughout the assembly are observed.

Honey Dew emphasizes that the body has a need for all of the essential food groups. He stresses that vitamins, minerals and energy boosters are in the varied edible equations. Essential ingredients are contained in all — for healthy digestion measures.

The speech is rich in nutritional value.

In a show of agreement, some of the veggies join the fruities in the same section of the room. Yep, in a show of unity, they move across the aisle. Smiles spread as a meeting of the minds gel in harmony. All over the place, heart healthy grooves are on display

Bodies turn in their seats as a rumbling disturbance is heard in the rear.

Potato heads go in the direction of the noise. Lettuce isn’t far behind. Squash follows with bananas peeling along to add to the united front.

What’s the cause of the ruckus? Junk food has entered to crash the healthy party. An abundance of donuts roll in with Suzy Q’s in tow. Pastries line up behind their common folks. Twinkies eye the fruits and vegetables. A stand-off ensues.

For a few minutes, fruits and vegetables huddle to come up with a game plan to resolve the unpleasant interruption. They agree to allow a few snacks to join in the summit. Too many indeed isn’t healthy.

The snack brigade isn’t happy that only a remnant can stay. Those turned away pout as they trudge out of the assembly. Chips O’Hoy reminds them that there are plenty of places where they’ll surely get digested. On that note, they re-group, and cheerfully skip on to their next edible adventure.

The fruities and veggies return to the assembly.

Honey Dew has reached the climax of his speech. He finishes with flourish and receives resounding applause with some who stand in appreciation. Honey Dew is filled with gratitude for how well he’s been received. He extends an invitation to all to join for dinner at the Pumpkin Café.

The summit attendees do a bit of mingling and getting acquainted before they head to dine together at a place where a balanced meal of fruits and vegetables will be served with a tad of meat and small measures of snack goodies.

Romans 12:4 – KJV
For as we have many members in one body and all members have not the same office:

Matthew 7:20 – KJV
Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Isaiah 1:19 – KJV
If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:

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