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Daylight gifted us
with yet another wake up call —
Once again, God expressed,
“Let there be light.”

Our eyes opened
to capture the newness
of this morning —
We inhale and exhale
intact with the pulse
of our precious beings —
Thoughts of gratitude
are ideally in place

Appreciative postures
add to our journeys —
Truly, God inhabits
the praises and thanks
that pour forth
from the multitudes
of loving and grateful people

We wax nostalgic
humbly remembering
the gratitude gems
in our treasure “chests” —
We joyously add
to the jewels contained inside —
Our travels in gratitude
have multiplied who we are within —
better “instruments” in tune
with our Creator who loves and respects
postures of love and thankfulness

Gratitude adds personality flavor
It’s a good fit on any model –
Yes, suitably, it works in a crowd
but does solid solo appearances, as well

Thankfulness is heart healthy
head wise
soul stirring
and in sync with
the plans and purposes of God Almighty.

Plentiful salutes to gratitude
and the rewards that accompany it.

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