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Gripped by Addiction – Part Two

Gripped by Addiction – Part Two

In Part One of this, I expressed about pastors who were drug addicted. Those struggles can take tolls not only on the addicted but on their family members, as well. Drugs involved aren’t always illegal ones. Scores of folks are hooked on prescription drugs, some of which are sold on the black market.

I recall learning about Christian parents with adult children who are/were addicted to drugs. The accounts are steeped in sorrow. There are parents who do the best that they know how while being faithful to gospel truths. Treatment centers certainly do help. Often, though, years of yo-yo actions occur with numerous relapses. Many prayers and works go into measures of help. It’s wonderful news to know that addictions are conquered. Families are elated to overcome the enormous hurdles in addictive circumstances.

Of course, we know that addictive behaviors aren’t limited to drugs and alcohol. There’s a reality based cable program dedicated to situations relative to hoarders. Extreme cases boggle the minds of some folks. I’ve seen only a few clips of hoarding programs. In one episode, it was shown that passageways in houses were blocked due to the pile up of stuff. In another episode, a teen aged son had to sleep on the couch because his mother had filled his room with her hoarding activities. He shared that he didn’t ever have guests due to the condition of the house. It was a relief to see that his mother agreed to an intervention for her recovery.

Gambling addicts can get to stages where the families experience major financial challenges. Treatment programs exist to help, and some of the addicts participate. Often, though, they do so after hitting rock bottom from their unhealthy gambling indulgences. I love learning about the success stories that eventually occur.

Social media addictions are on the rise. It can be challenging to pull away from online engagements. Yes, indeed, it’s easy to get addicted to tech usage.

Food addictions are another area that grip folks. Woo wee, prayer and fasting indeed . . . . Yes, more folks need push away from the table ministries. It’s a pleasure to know that overcoming is within our reach.

Hope in the Lord helps tremendously. Professional aid is necessary for some folks. Thank God for effective programs and people who love, care, and assist in recoveries.

Hebrews 6:19 – KJV
Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, . . .

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