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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is ahead
Once again, we prepare
to gather, to eat heartily
to reminisce, to relax —
Ah, joy is in the air

The Lord delights
in hearts of thanksgiving –
Gratitude flows in abundance
We have so much to be grateful for – daily

We live, we breathe
we work, we play –
Truly, thanksgiving is in motion
on the regular

Prayers of gratefulness –
Food spreads – full bellies,
shared memories,
status catch ups –
Yes, joy is in the air

Love manifests in amplified doses –
Robust laughter rings out in households
Warmth is spread in abundance –
Kisses, hugs, and smiles
make cherished appearances –
Joy is indeed the air

Precious moments are
once again revealed
on the celebrated day of Thanksgiving

Above all – daily — to God be the glory.

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