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Helping Others Helps Us – Part Two

Helping Others Helps Us – Part Two

Sorrow came to visit, and
grief sought to consume him –
It was challenging to escape

the inner turmoil –
He helped his neighbor –
Reaching out to help eased his sorrow

Widowed and lonely
What did she do?
She wallowed awhile
then unselfishly, she “kissed” her self-pity goodbye –
In she went to soothe neglected elderly folks
who welcomed her in earnest –
She adds the Lord’s light
whenever she visits
the assisted living home –
Truly, helping others helps her

Retired and bored –
Bingo and golf
aren’t enough to fulfill –
Seeking, seeking more
to complete his mundane life –
Ah ha!
He found more to satisfy –
How so?
He’s now a volunteer for the church bus ministry
Yes, giving transpo drives folks
and fuels his inner “engine”

Yes, indeed, helping others
gives plenty joyous gains.
Certainly, helping others helps us.

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