I wonder how often folks pause to do introspection. Isn’t it more likely that people “inspect” the conduct of others more quickly than we do introspection? Self-evaluation is indeed necessary to tune in to where we need to adjust and alter what is within us.

Yes, sometimes spiritual “housecleaning” is something that we should do. When we engage in that healthy exercise, it not only benefits us but also those folks with whom we engage and encounter.

Certainly, we do well to make changes in our personal and professional lives. Regular quiet time with the Lord sure helps us to recognize, understand and to know what’s necessary to address. God reveals what best pleases him. When we line up with the guidance of our Lord, such wise choices are always a plus.

Years ago, I worked with a guy who regularly complained about the conduct of others. One day as we rode the bus, seated next to each other, he proceeded to inform what, in his estimation, was wrong with certain folks. I listened for a mere few minutes, and then I calmly asked, “What’s wrong with you?” He didn’t respond to my question — rather he abruptly, in anger, got up and moved to another seat on the bus. Oh well. I thought it was a reasonable question to ask him. Obviously, he disagreed. His sudden departure, from the seat next to where I sat, didn’t disturb me nor did I regret my sensible question.

It happens all too often that folks blame others when, in truth, the blames are found in mirrors. Typically, many people resist that evaluation process. Do we ever find pleasure in the faults being our own? Probably, overall, the answer is no. We find more “comfort” in pointing elsewhere — away from ourselves. Choices to “own” our shortcomings prove more than slightly beneficial.

Spiritual, mental and physical progress results when we choose to positively amend. There’s certain rest in pleasing God in regard to our thoughts, words, and actions. We can never fool our Lord. Truly, the best we know how, it’s in our best interest to consistently align with purity.

Psalm 51:10 – KJV
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

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Sandra Hicks

Sandra is a native of Washington D.C. who joyously walks with God, and firmly believes in the steadfast flow of love and truth. She is president of a home-based business that specializes in writing, editing, consulting and retail sales of photo products. Her published pieces include essays, inspirational topics and stories, reflections, commentaries, and poetry. In January 2011, one of her inspirational pieces was selected as a Jewel Chest feature on a Christian website. Sandra enjoys photography and snaps shots often in her hometown of Washington, D.C.

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