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Ah, the splendor of jewels
opals, diamonds, and rubies galore –
Pearls, garnets, emeralds,
Oh my, the jewel cases are replete
with precious goodies

So much pulls at our heartstrings
and pleases our eyes –
Rich treasures abound in the splendor
of the gifts from God’s earth

Alas, though, our Lord gives us jewels
that we embrace from within –
Love, joy, peace, faith, and goodness
Yes, oh, taste and see
that the Lord is good.

Magnificence shines and glows
as we inhale the resplendent beauties
of God Almighty –
Precious awareness
that our Lord outshines ALL –
Yes, the Master Jeweler
arrays in the heart spaces
much that delights, heals, comforts and instructs

Brilliance at its best!

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