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Just Because He Said So

Just Because He Said So

There is an inspiring anecdote about two men who were boating on a foaming river. The two, however, were not very experienced and somehow they did not steer their boat properly. At one point, they took a few wrong turns and landed on a tributary and lost complete control. They were now being swept to a roaring waterfall and were in danger of losing their lives.

But, there was hope.

A man on the shore saw their desperate plight and got out a rope and threw it to the struggling friends. The first one grabbed the rope and was pulled to safety. But, just as the second man was about to grab the rope, a tree trunk floated by and that seemed to provide more security than the rope that was attached to the shore.

The man made his decision. He jumped to the tree trunk, but he had made a deadly mistake. Only minutes later the screaming man disappeared with his tree trunk over the edge of the waterfall and disappeared into the foaming depths.

Both men were in immediate danger, but the first one got saved because he was in direct connection to the security of the shore. The second one however, grabbed hold of something that seemed sturdy and strong, but in the end did not deliver.

Thus it is with faith in God.

Faith is like holding on to the rope, and the rope in this case, can be compared to the Word of God. If we hold on to the Word in times of danger we will be guided to a secure haven. Sure, we may get wet and we bump our heads a few times in the journey to safety, but the One who is holding the rope is pulling us to the shore.

But if we do not have a connection to stable ground, we may be jumping from the frying pan straight into the fire.

Faith is holding on in spite of the storm.

Faith is taking God at His Word and is the belief that what He said, He actually means.

This was sweetly illustrated by two little girls who were talking about the savings they had in their piggy banks. “I’ve got 20 cents,” the one girl said, “Just like you.”

“Not true,” the other one said. “I’ve got forty cents because my father told me that he will put twenty cents in my piggy bank tonight.”

The second girl already counted it done, even though she did not actually see the twenty cents her father had promised her.

As humans, we like signs and miracles, but really… the Word of God should be enough.

Faith in the Word is honoring God. Faith shows God that you trust Him. It’s why He said that it is not possible to please Him without faith.(Hebrews 11:6)

Parents know how wonderful it is when children obey them out of love and not because they are afraid they would otherwise be clobbered. Faith is always a sign of respect and honor. We can trust Him because He said so and His Word is enough.


Lord, You take care of everything.

Forgive me for the times when I throw away my confidence and carry my cares instead of throwing away my cares and carry my confidence.

I want to hide under the wings of Your presence because I know how much You care and that You will never allow anything to come to me that You and I together cannot handle.


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