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She Knew The Author

She Knew The Author

God has prepared a table for us; rich and overflowing. He’s the King and wants to shower us with blessings. Sadly however, it appears that some of us are on a diet and we needlessly struggle through life, hungry and thirsty.


Someone once gave a book to a good friend.

“This is a great book. You’ll enjoy it.”

But when she read two chapters, she threw it in a corner. To her it was dull and boring. She had better things to do.

A month later she met a young man and they became good friends. Ultimately they even got engaged. One evening while they were sitting in his livingroom, the woman spotted that same boring book in his library.

“I’ve tried to read that once,” she mentioned casually, while she took it out of the bookcase. “Funny…the author’s name is the same as yours.”

“Not strange at all,” the man answered. “I wrote it.”

The woman was shocked and decided to give the book another chance. This time she read it with more care. It gripped her. It was excellent and she couldn’t put it down anymore.

What had changed?

It was the same book, but now she knew the author.

And that is how it is with us and God. The more we get to know Him, the more His Word becomes our strength and comfort and it becomes the driving force in our lives.


The Word of God is, and always has been, the foundation of our faith.

That’s how you get faith; through the Word.

Faith is a gift. God gives it freely to whoever wants it. But like any gift, it has to be received and in order for that gift to profit you, you will have to nurture and use it.

People often say, “I wouldn’t mind to have faith, but how do I get it?”

Receive it, and then build on the right foundation.

Mature faith needs a foundation. Like a good sturdy house, it needs to be carefully built on a good foundation, stone by stone and beam by beam.

That foundation is Jesus Himself. He is the Word, and the ground upon which to build is your heart.

The Bible teaches us that faith needs to grow. It needs to be nourished, watered and sheltered and the main tool that God gave us in order to accomplish that is His Word.

…So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17)

If you feel you don’t have much faith, or you are full of doubts and fears, the solution is not all that difficult. Take time in the Word. Read it and study it. Meditate upon it and think about it. Let God speak to you through His Word. As soon as you expose your heart to the Word it starts to resonate. You will grow and start to understand life more from God’s point of view. Fill your heart and mind with the words of God and experience the richness of His well-dressed table.

The faith that works miracles and conquers all odds, the kind of faith that does not break down under stress, is always built on the Word of God. After all, how can you fully believe in something that you don’t really know, or haven’t tested and have never seen in action?

It is so, because God said so, and His Word is enough.

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