Alrighty now — we’re at another beginning. Super love extends to our Lord with gratitude galore for how far we’ve come and how we were here to welcome in the year 2016.

We have much to look forward to as we approach new days, new spiritual and physical seasons, pleasantries, rewards and challenges.

Indeed, jubilation is in order for the manifold wonders of God, and how we live according to pure precepts.

Certainly, the joy of the Lord is our strength and assurance.

Leviticus 25:12 – KJV
For it is the jubilee; it shall be holy unto you: ye shall eat the increase thereof out of the field.

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Sandra Hicks

Sandra is a native of Washington D.C. who joyously walks with God, and firmly believes in the steadfast flow of love and truth. She is president of a home-based business that specializes in writing, editing, consulting and retail sales of photo products. Her published pieces include essays, inspirational topics and stories, reflections, commentaries, and poetry. In January 2011, one of her inspirational pieces was selected as a Jewel Chest feature on a Christian website. Sandra enjoys photography and snaps shots often in her hometown of Washington, D.C.

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