Valentine’s Day is once again upon us
Flowers, candy, and stuffed animals galore –
There’s no greater love, though,
than what comes from God

Trips are planned
Dining out abounds –
There’s no greater love, though,
than what God gives

Babysitters for the children
Reservations are made –
There’s no greater love
than what God shares

Yes, the Lord provides the best affection
and way beyond –
It doesn’t get better than love
from the Master –
Woo wee, I bask in the splendor
of knowing that the love of God
is forever unsurpassed

I wish thrills and joy
for Valentine’s Day celebrants –
but most of all
I wish the highest praise for God –
for truly, none other
gives the greatest love

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Sandra Hicks

Sandra is a native of Washington D.C. who joyously walks with God, and firmly believes in the steadfast flow of love and truth. She is president of a home-based business that specializes in writing, editing, consulting and retail sales of photo products. Her published pieces include essays, inspirational topics and stories, reflections, commentaries, and poetry. In January 2011, one of her inspirational pieces was selected as a Jewel Chest feature on a Christian website. Sandra enjoys photography and snaps shots often in her hometown of Washington, D.C.

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