Mountains are high
Waters run deep
Wind blows
Fire burns
Nothing is bigger than God

Trees grow
Flowers bloom
Earth replenishes
People populate
Nothing is bigger than God.

Birds fly
Lions roar
Fish swim
Bees make honey
Nothing is bigger than God

Computers produce
Scientists discover
Teachers guide
Parents mold
Nothing is bigger than God

How big is God?
His vastness cannot be measured –
The glory is beyond our finite awareness
Nothing is bigger than God

Magnificence describes Lord Almighty
as does splendor, perfection, and awesomeness
Amazing is our God –
Love pours forth from our Creator,
wonderful, marvelous and incomparable love –
Nothing is bigger or better than God.

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Sandra Hicks

Sandra is a native of Washington D.C. who joyously walks with God, and firmly believes in the steadfast flow of love and truth. She is president of a home-based business that specializes in writing, editing, consulting and retail sales of photo products. Her published pieces include essays, inspirational topics and stories, reflections, commentaries, and poetry. In January 2011, one of her inspirational pieces was selected as a Jewel Chest feature on a Christian website. Sandra enjoys photography and snaps shots often in her hometown of Washington, D.C.

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