“Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”
-Mark 13:31, Matthew 24:35, Luke 21:33

With these words Jesus established the enduring authority of the Christian faith. Upon these words rests the authority of the Apostolic community and the families of Christian religions that have emerged through the centuries. It is the words of Jesus Christ which form the powerful foundation of belief systems which have lasted over 2000 years.These are words which were validated by the atoning death on the Cross which He endured for us. These words find new life in the Resurrection, in which the Kingdom of God was now opened to us by the breaking of the power of Sin and Death. He paid the price for our sins, redeeming us now and forever in the eyes of God. His words are eternal as are the effects of the Cross and Resurrection, and is our Redemption.

Politicians have authority which are attributed by society. The wealth and power which they seek are fleeting with no lasting value in eternity. Political offices, ancient and modern, are transient; written on the wind and destined to crumble into dust. Even the great empires of Egypt, Greece, and Rome have faded into the sands of time. Yet, there are poltiicians who seek to reach beyond their station and challenge the foundational Words of Jesus. Politicians today argue that deep seated religious beliefs have to be changed to accommodate the current social circumstance. While a pollitician might climb to the Mt. Olympus of politics, the authority of any such man-made construct does not have authority to reach the Heavens.

Politicians are ambitious, but when this ambition turns to arrogance and hubris they become dangerous. They challenge the bedrock of religious faith on the authority of passing office. In arrogance and hubris they demand changes of the standards which God has ordained; not unlike the mythical Hercules threatening the sun when he became uncomfortable for the moment. They suggest that the writings of Apostolic community- the Didache- has no more meaning and the politics of the generation can supplant that for which the early followers of Christ were martyred.

Politicians who seek only wealth and power in this world have their reward. Their reward, like their words and offices, are temporal and will pass away. We, as Christians, can not get swept up in the rhetorical skills of such politicians who promise much but deliver little to anyone but themselves. As Christians, we must cling to the eternal power contained in the Word of God; embodied in Jesus Christ, explained by the Paraclete, and carried through the Apostolic Church.

As Christians, we must stand together to resist the calls for change that challenge the Eternal Word of God

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I am a lifelong Christian, who devoted himself to the study of the Word of God at a young age. I have attained a BA, 3 Masters, and a Doctorate degree in the field of Biblical Studies. I am also a published writer, with a specialty on the Judge, Samson. I am honored to be part of this vibrant and growing ministry and hope to share the powerful encouragement which, over the years of study, I have found in the Bible. Blessings to all!

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