Forever With The Lord

And so we will be with the Lord forever. (1 Thessalonians 4:17) Once a dear woman died. She had found peace in God and died with a smile on her face, leaving her husband behind. When the man shared his joy with others how God had taken her home, several unbelievers scoffed and cried out: “How … Continue reading


The other day I consulted my good friend Google about the characteristics of a good father, and it led me to some interesting sites. One site, for example, had the following to say: "A father should be a rock of strength to his children. He should provide a place of safety, so the child can fully … Continue reading


The loads get heavy - Tears rain down our cheeks What do we do? Call upon the Comforter, the Holy Spirit Questions arise in our dilemmas - What do we do? Seek answers from the Comforter, the Spirit of truth Blessings visit us - What do we do? Give thanks to the Comforter, the Holy … Continue reading

Fear Not

We read in the Bible numerous times, “Fear not.” We have many temptations that lurk to put us in places of fear. It isn’t always easy to resist those urges. God rescues us from anxieties and so much more. Clinging to godly principles is hugely helpful. Bible accounts express about people … Continue reading


Challenged to forgive I long to fully let the matter go - Yes, forgiveness is necessary - My wounds are fresh What would Jesus do? Forgive They are disregarding what’s best - Still, despite their actions I must forgive What would Jesus do? Forgive My hardness had to soften and … Continue reading