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“Pictures” in Frames

“Pictures” in Frames

I peered in the window
Wow, pictures galore
What’s in the frames?
Splendor, comfort, magnificence,
glory and beauty in abundance

Church, wedding, graduation and birth scenes –
Lovely views in plentiful numbers –
Love pours out of the frames
Joy heartens
Escapes into fun delight us

Families gather in anticipation
of photo shoots
They grin, smile, and pose –
Giddiness on display

Creatures great and small –
We marvel at their eye appeal
Delightful views indeed
Earth pleasures abound
in mountain, valley, river, canyon and stream views
with so much more in the frame arrangements –
Oh my!

Children frolic in glee
Frame worthy in abundance
Happiness pictures
lift our hearts

God’s presence is evident
in the picture frames –
All beauty has its origins in God

The views excite, delight, comfort and aid –
Yes, the pictures in frames
remind us of the magnificence of life
compliments of our awesome and amazing Creator,
the Lord Almighty.

Praise ye the Lord.

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