“I make all things new”

– Revelation 21:5

This is a time of power and a time to be empowered in our world!

The created world has just worked through another cycle and the Winter Solstice has occurred, a natural marker that the long and cold nights are now becoming shorter and the earth prepares for new life. Humankind has completed another cycle as well, we have turned the calendar to begin a new year. Hopes are high, businesses are now moving past the holiday season, ministries can now renew themselves, and now we can call upon ourselves to be better than we have been in the past.

In the world of the Bible, new things were thought to have had a special power that was almost mystical. The properties of something that is “new” gave it particular effectiveness. When something is new, it has not been strained or weakened- power is new in the object. The new person or thing is at its fullest potential and strength. We see this belief in the Samson narratives. Twice he was bound by “new ropes”. Ordinary men could not burst such bonds. Even in his saga only the power of God, through the onrushes of the Spirit or through his consecration, could overcome the binding of new ropes.

For us, God combined his manifest power and the sacred properties of being made new in the person of Christ Jesus. Jesus is the “new Adam”, ushering in a new age of the Kingdom of God. Jesus, by the Cross and Resurrection, supplants the old, weakened and strained, mankind with a new authority from His Heavenly throne. Ordinary men could not break the bonds of sin. We needed the power of God, the New Covenant, and a new Israel. It is through the uncontainable power of God, as seen in the deeds of Samson, and the “new Adam” that a new age of Redemption can commence.

As the calendars of the created world and humankind, however briefly, coincide, perhaps we can align ourselves with the Kingdom of God and the power which it holds for us. It is a new Kingdom, not limited by human geography and boundaries, but one whose power extends to all humankind and is entered by faith in the One who “makes all things new”.

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I am a lifelong Christian, who devoted himself to the study of the Word of God at a young age. I have attained a BA, 3 Masters, and a Doctorate degree in the field of Biblical Studies. I am also a published writer, with a specialty on the Judge, Samson. I am honored to be part of this vibrant and growing ministry and hope to share the powerful encouragement which, over the years of study, I have found in the Bible. Blessings to all!

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