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Do Put All Your Eggs In One Basket. (In Gods hands they are safe)

Do Put All Your Eggs In One Basket. (In Gods hands they are safe)

“What does it mean to respect God?” the young man asked his father.
The older man looked thoughtfully at his son for a moment, and then replied, “Somebody who respects God involves God in every little thing that he does. What God thinks matters and such a person seeks to follow what God wants. Such a person is wise and respects God. But a man who has too much confidence in his own abilities does not consider the mind of God. What God thinks doesn’t matter to him and he seeks to follow his own ideas. Such a person, in effect, disrespects the God of creation and is not wise.”

The advice of the father to his child sounds so easy, and yet it is not always so easy to put it into practice. A short search online about the definition of wisdom leads us to an interesting quote. It states: “Wisdom: The art to judge and act in the proper way in all circumstances in life.”

To judge and act in the proper way in all circumstances in life?

Both during the good times as well as during the bad? That is not an easy thing to do, but it is an inspiring thought and a scriptural one as well. Consider, for example, the words of Paul, who said, “In everything give thanks.” (1Thessalonians 5:18)
To give thanks, and to choose the right over the wrong, becomes much easier if we realize that God is with us in everything too. To know this is the essence of trust and seems to be one of the constant lessons God wants to teach us. Both the Old and the New Testament will confirm this with a myriad of scriptures such as, “Fear thou not, I am with Thee” (Isaiah 41:10) and “Lo, I am with you all the days of your life.” (Matthew 28:20)

For those of us who want God in our lives, He is present at every cross road, on every mountain path, or throughout every valley we may have to cross.

But the responsibility to actually profit from His presence still rests with us. We need to reach out and seek His face ourselves. God gives, He helps and He cares, but He wants us to call on Him. It is the part we need to do, and it is an important principle of faith that many people do not seem to understand. A lot of people figure God has to do everything. God has to supply the help, the food and the finances and they feel He actually needs to deliver it at our doorsteps as well, while we peacefully wait in our comfortable houses of faith. But that is not the way faith works.

Such an unrealistic view of the principles of faith often leads to bitterness when God doesn’t seem to be doing what He promised. We’ve all heard people say, and sometimes we’ve even fallen for it ourselves, “If God truly loved me, He wouldn’t put me through this trial.”

But such an attitude is not wise and it is based on feelings and inspired by doubt. But sometimes for us, as Spirit-filled people, it almost seems true that ‘familiarity breeds contempt.’ God is so kind and close that we tend to lose our respect for the Spirit and then when troubles hit, we are not prepared.

Do we draw nigh unto God in times of happiness and sunshine, but do we forget Him in times of trial and darkness? Such an attitude is not wise.

Wisdom is like a house that needs to be carefully constructed, stone by stone and day after day. Wisdom is not usually a sudden boom. Like faith, it has to mature and grow and only then can it become an integral part of our lives.

Wisdom leads to peace, rest and confidence.
It is like heaven’s compass and it teaches us how to sail around the most difficult parts in our lives unscathed.

C.H. Spurgeon in his classical devotional Morning and Evening compares a man without wisdom to a wild ass’ colt, running hither and thither, wasting his strength without accomplishing anything of value. What a terrible picture.

Wisdom is also part of our armor, to keep us safe from the influence of the ungodly world around us. For be not mistaken, however much we may enjoy our time on earth, still this world has not yet become the Kingdom of our Lord. At present, this world is still in the hands of the powers of darkness, and because of that, there are plenty of places with ugly thorns or where the wolves hide behind some bushes, ready to scare us to death. Let us therefore be ‘wise’ and watchful. The apostle Peter tell us to be sober (wise) and vigilant, so we will no fall for the roaring lion who is seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

It is wisdom to listen to the Shepherd. Where is He leading? What does the Word have to say about this? Such wisdom has nothing to do with the parking of our minds every Sunday at the church parking lot, as some atheists like to accuse us of.
On the contrary, letting our lives be filled with the Spirit of God is the wisest thing we can ever do and rejecting the Word is the biggest mistake you could make in your entire life.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him” (Proverbs 3:5,6)

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him” (Proverbs 3:5,6)

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