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Salutes to Veterans

Salutes to Veterans

Veteran’s Day will soon be upon us. There aren’t enough ways to thank the many men and women who’ve sacrificed for the common good of nations. Soldiers have trained, planned and entered battlefields to defend and protect causes of countries.

Families, in certain aspects, “enlist” with their military loved ones. Yes, family members sure do their share of training, planning and sacrificing, too. Often, they’re uprooted and moved to foreign places. Pros and cons are associated with geographic and cultural changes. Transitional processes do help to mold attitudes and sensitivities, which can aid in developmental strengths within spirits, hearts, and minds.

I love watching those videos that show soldiers who return home to surprise their loved ones. The love that flows among them is such a joy to observe. It’s a visual treat to see the various creative ways that are used to pull off the delightfully loving surprises.

Gratitude extends to veterans, and to the active military personnel. What they give is immeasurable. From the privates to the generals, they all perform critical duties as contributors to the cohesion of their assigned units, and the nations they serve to defend and protect.

Salutes to the Navy, Army, Air Force and the Marine men and women. Salutes, particularly, to the Special Forces military people who train and perform considerably beyond the standard operating procedures.

Salutes to the family members who lovingly support their enlisted loved ones. Yes, the wives and husbands who hold the household units together while military calls are answered. Salutes to the adults and children who adapt to the changes and uncertainties present in living military lives.

Salutes to the dogs that are used in military operations that aid in successful missions. Yes, the dogs have proven to be valuable in the service for countries. Their canine contributions are assets indeed.

Above all, salutes extend to the One who owns the air, good God Almighty. Truly, without God none of what we do could be done. Thank you, Master of Life.

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