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Spring Refreshment

Spring Refreshment

Soon the spring season
will be upon us again –
Ah, the delightful anticipation

Buds on flowers
manifest into full bloom –
Butterflies flutter
in splendid beauty –
Bees alight and buzz
on honey travels

Gusts of wind
arrive with March –
Hold onto your hats
or they’ll end up
in flight

Outdoor lunches abound
in parks all over
with folks delighting
in the sun rays
and open sky views

Green grass represents
new birth –
Birds soar in sync
with the movement of the season

Children happily frolic on playgrounds –
The beauty of spring is welcome
They swing, jump and run –
Their laughter fills the air

Spring refreshment will soon
make another appearance –
We’re eager again to engage in it.

Thanks be to God for so superbly
arranging the seasons for us to
gratefully and pleasantly partake.

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