Once again, the Lord has blessed us with another year. Yes, more opportunities to be thankful, productive and helpful. It’s precious indeed to be gifted with more time to live for the glory of God. We have so much to be grateful for as we continue our lives. High and jubilant praises to the Lord, Most High. Some folks have relocated. Others have given birth to new lives. Yes, adorable babies have entered families. Job changes have happened for select people. Adventures of all sorts are on the horizon. Expectations are ripe. The joy of the Lord is our strength. “. . . for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” – Nehemiah 8:10- KJV. Truly, his grace is sufficient for us. “. . . My grace is sufficient for thee: . . .” – 2 Corinthians 12:9 – KJV. This time of year lots of folks make resolutions about weight loss, exercise plans, eating healthier, ceasing to procrastinate, etc. One great purpose of pursuing is to keep GodContinue reading »

Imagine you are on a rugged mountain path that’s winding its way up, higher and higher. It is snowing, and the cold is stinging your eyes. For a moment you rest, holding on to a sturdy fir tree, but you realize it is not a place where you can wait for too long, as the temperatures have dropped so much that you can hardly feel your fingers. You have to go on, but it is a treacherous journey. You can barely see the road ahead, and the dark abyss is near. You have a map, but what good is a map in weather like this and the markings on the road have disappeared because of the snow. You just have to struggle on and hope your sense of direction won’t let you down. What worries you the most is that this is only the beginning of the journey. The hardest part still has to come. What’s more, daylight is fading, and soon you’ll be surrounded by darkness. But you areContinue reading »

I saw her across the room I immediately began to pray God, please, let this be her I didn’t know her name Or if she had arrived with Someone else on her arm I only knew I needed to seize The moment before It passed by A long story short We wed several months later And she was the most Beautiful bride I’d seen Ever The envy of my friends The Queen of the Prom The joy of my life… All in one Perfect Until one day A terrible crash Lights of the ambulance Flashed Paralyzed from The waist down Scarred features On her face She barely spoke For a while As I wondered What to do No one envied me Or spoke of her beauty Some stopped visiting Or even bothering To call I could see it In her eyes The fear The sadness Her hope in us Was gone Dear Lord What am I supposed to do A fairy tale no more Some suggest I leave her ToContinue reading »

I have always been a dog person. I grew up with dogs and even though later in life my wife and I were busy as traveling missionaries; we felt a dog would be a welcome addition to our household. So we got ourselves a nice brown puppy, and the fun began. Puppy training, walks in the morning, exploring the distant fields together at dusk, and loads of chewed up shoes, and a gentle friend for the children. Then my wife got him a collar. Not just any collar, but the best one she could find. A stainless steel collar, complete with a gold color name tag, and when we attached the accompanying red handkerchief to it, he almost seemed better dressed than any of us. “That was an expensive collar,” I questioned my wife. “Sure,” she answered a little sheepishly. “But, it will last us a lifetime, and… it looks so nice.” Money was tight, and I couldn’t see how we could afford such an extravagant collar. I would haveContinue reading »

Many families, over the years, have kept secrets, particularly from children. My mom passed away when I was a teenager. I just learned, this year, that she’d been diagnosed with schizophrenia. That revelation put some of the pieces of the puzzle together for me. As I remember, I now somewhat get why she sometimes exhibited bizarre and weird behavior. I now know reasons why my mom’s personality shifted from calm to scattered mindsets and actions. As a youth, in the seasons when my mom wasn’t in a sane mental place, I was ashamed of her. A few of my childhood peers would tease and taunt about my mother. They considered her crazy. In assorted ways, the situation was traumatic for my family. In the midst of all of the confusion and disarray, I was certain that my mother loved us. When she was in her states of clarity, Mom was loving, kind, generous, sweet and joyful. Also, she was a loving and faithful Christian who sincerely loved God. I’m gratefulContinue reading »

Often, we desire the best, yet we tend to, on occasions, resist what it involves to attain it. College students attend universities to obtain degrees, but some of them initially throw caution to the wind, particularly during their freshman years. They drink alcohol in excess, party unreasonably, and hang out to the wee hours of mornings. Then the students get their grades and it hits home to them that their lax studying habits resulted in dreadful progress reports. Wake up calls do happen with students making amendments by properly prioritizing their activities. In such choices, their best can indeed be achieved. Workplaces have folks who slack off on the regular and then they complain when they aren’t receiving the best from employers. Such workers give less than their best but expect the best to manifest for them. Certainly, those expectations aren’t reasonable. Athletes who aspire to Olympic status regularly practice for hours for long stretches of time — years. They aim for the best and they invest their best. ProfessionalContinue reading »


Love Potencies

Love is spilling in overflow
coursing through heart channels
in blissful contentment

Dancing with love
tunes the inner instruments –
God is the maestro
orchestrating oh so splendidly

Blaze bursts explode
in the fire of love displays –
What compares to love?
It’s in a class all by itself

Love rings
Who answers its calls?
God arranges –
Who plays?
The glory of love trumpets
and resonates in resounding clarity.

The chords, notes, and beats
line up in harmony –
Rhythm syncs with the
channels of awe

The vibrations of love
stimulate and penetrate
to the core of hearts –
God is witness
to its power and potency –
Of course, God is the author
of the manifold love currents –
Indeed, we are blessed
with the rewards provided
by love in vivid manifestations
for us to partake of and share.

Song of Solomon 8:7- KJV
Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: . . .

How many folks have been dealt the crushing blows of disconnections from relationships, homelands, and jobs? Even when we initiate the disconnections it can be painful. Sometimes separations rip us in deep places. Yes, disconnections are often in our best interest, but that awareness doesn’t always lessen the hurts in our wounded hearts. When God draws His people to salvation, we disengage from some folks and some folks disengage from us. The Lord leads those who are His to separate from the world and its ways. Christ dwellers are often disliked, misunderstood and mocked. Initially, we tend to ache from such treatment. But oh glory, in process of time, the Lord God removes the sorrow and replaces it with happiness. Psalm 144: 15 – KJV, “Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.” Changing courses is a process. Adjustments can be unsettling — for a season. The more, though, that we’re willing and obedient to the will ofContinue reading »

Parenting isn’t in the realm of an exact science. There’s no set formula in that exercise. Each child is unique with unique sets of challenges. In spite of Christian lifestyles, why are parents sometimes prone to fret about their offspring? Why is there inclination not to trust God to provide the necessary guidance with child rearing? Yes, the truth is that, occasionally, Christian parents wrestle with believing that God is able — in the most trying of parental circumstances. There can be tendencies to remove focus from God to concentration on the problems. Inhale, exhale. There’s light in the midst of the conflicts, confusion and weariness. We have hope as our anchor. Sinking into despair is never a viable option. We shall rally and keep getting new winds to move ourselves forward. Yes we will. Hebrews 6:19 – KJV, “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, . . .” We learn to set wholesome and beneficial boundaries while granting liberties that are responsiblyContinue reading »

How could marriage ever be a sin? Isn’t marriage God’s will for our lives? Look at all the happily married couples in our church. How could God ever frown upon such a beautiful sight? If it weren’t for marriage you wouldn’t be around young man. These are thought you may have right now as you read the title of this article or perhaps you have some different thoughts. Regardless where you find yourself in life, be it married or single, everyone seems to have strong feelings regarding this topic. I should mention from the start that I have nothing against marriage, but with a divorce rate near fifty percent both inside and outside the church, I have to wonder if marriage is the best option for everyone. This seems like an odd thing to say in a society where junior high girls look at bridal magazines in the hopes of eventually finding someone to be happy with for the remainder of their lives. Yet it is this attitude that has causedContinue reading »