Valentine’s Day is once again upon us Flowers, candy, and stuffed animals galore – There’s no greater love, though, than what comes from God Trips are planned Dining out abounds – There’s no greater love, though, than what God gives Babysitters for the children Reservations are made – There’s no greater love than what God shares Yes, the Lord provides the best affection and way beyond – It doesn’t get better than love from the Master – Woo wee, I bask in the splendor of knowing that the love of God is forever unsurpassed I wish thrills and joy for Valentine’s Day celebrants – but most of all I wish the highest praise for God – for truly, none other gives the greatest love

“He is born. The baby is born!” Oh, what joy had befallen us. The delivery had gone well and without complications. We were on our way home to enjoy life. I smiled at my wife and she smiled back. Heaven had come down. This was the day. *** I got the call while I was away on a trip. Our son was three now and I wasn’t prepared for the news. “You’ve got to come home right away. He’s sick.” “What’s wrong? Why do I have to come back? Doesn’t the doctor have a pill or something?” “You don’t understand.” My wife was frantic. “He’s got leukemia.” This was the night. *** Months in the hospital. Months of needles, doctors, medication and stress. Willing nurses and unwilling nurses. Food on the run. Prayers and worries, friends and kindness. And then the doctor finally said those wonderful words: “He’s healed. The leukemia is gone.” I smiled at my wife and she smiled back. Heaven had come down again. ThisContinue reading »