Challenged to forgive I long to fully let the matter go – Yes, forgiveness is necessary – My wounds are fresh What would Jesus do? Forgive They are disregarding what’s best – Still, despite their actions I must forgive What would Jesus do? Forgive My hardness had to soften and yield to forgiveness – It’s best and the way of the Lord What would Jesus do? Forgive Peter betrayed Jesus, denied even knowing him – He cursed and denied his Lord – Thrice Peter did that What did Jesus do? He forgave him Christ Jesus, pure and innocent was put on a cross and crucified for doing his Father’s business – loving, teaching healing, and raising the dead – What did Jesus say? “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

I suffer from a chronic health condition that causes many physical symptoms including pain (moderate to severe), fatigue (mild to debilitating), as well as cognitive problems. Due to the progression and severity of my symptoms I left my job five months ago and have applied for Social Security Disability. Naturally they denied my original application, which is the norm for the majority of first-time applicants, and I am now working with an attorney to appeal the decision, and may have to ultimately go so far as to have my case heard by a judge. The Social Security Administration sent me to an evaluation as part of this process. The exam was administered by a lady from an outside company; most of the things she asked me to do had little or nothing to do with my condition and she asked very few questions that pertained to my condition as well. But I was expecting denial anyway because I knew the stats were not in my favor. Now I am notContinue reading »