We read in the Bible numerous times, “Fear not.” We have many temptations that lurk to put us in places of fear. It isn’t always easy to resist those urges. God rescues us from anxieties and so much more. Clinging to godly principles is hugely helpful. Bible accounts express about people who pressed through despite having reservations, hesitations, and uncertainties. They made choices to trust the Lord, regardless. Of course, obeying God wasn’t always comfortable, but obey they did. Gideon, David, Abraham, Moses and more righteous folks proved the rewards of cleaving to what God led. Gideon was poor and apprehensive about what he was instructed by God to do. The Lord reduced the number of men who were to go to battle with him. It didn’t look logical from a natural point of view. But throughout the Bible, we read of the many accounts of supernatural events that occurred. Moses was charged with confronting king Pharaoh. He wasn’t, at all, eager to take on that enormous task. He attemptedContinue reading »

I looked at the twelve story building, silhouetted against a grey sky and I shivered. “Look at that hospital,” I told my wife. “It looks so big and ominous. I hope I’ll never be in that place.” “Don’t worry about it.” My wife smiled reassuringly. “God is stronger than a mere hospital.” *** It started with a slight pain in my stomach. I figured it was due to something I ate and tried to push it away. But the pain didn’t go away and soon became stronger. “I sure hope this pain is leaving soon,” I murmured. But it didn’t. Then the fevers came. High fevers that left me soaked with sweat. I prayed for healing, quoted scriptures and ate all the right foods, but the fevers didn’t go away either. Again I hoped for a change for the better. But it got worse. Then the doctor came. He shook his head and for awhile said nothing. I looked at him from my sweaty bed with anticipation. I hope he doesn’t send me toContinue reading »

“If, by some still small voice, He calls me to paths I do not know, I’ll answer with my hand in His, ‘I’ll go where You want me to go!’” Mary Brown, 1856-1918   Every year we step through the gate of the New Year. On the threshold, we often turn our head one last time and say goodbye to what’s behind. Goodbye, joy and goodbye sorrow. Then we sigh and step through the gate, a little unsure of what the New Year will bring. After all, the skies seem dark and ominous. Is there a storm coming maybe? “Please hold me, Lord,” we whisper. “Wasn’t the old year already difficult enough? Can’t we travel on the wings of Your love to pastures full of sunshine and rest?” The young Jewish Dutch girl Anne Frank wrote once, “How difficult it is to keep steady in a world where idealism is mocked and love is so often crushed. It is so hard to walk in a world where people show themselvesContinue reading »

What is it? What does it look like? Can you see it? Your life…where you want it to be. It’s right there. You can almost touch it. Yet, sadly, you can’t. You won’t. You refuse to step forward. You refuse to reach for it. You refuse to turn the knob and pull back the door, stepping into the way your life is supposed to be. But why? The fear of failing. The fear of falling. The fear of making crucial mistakes and becoming the laughing stock of the entire world. This fear cripples you. It controls you. It haunts you. And it defeats you because you’re still standing here looking at it. What are you going to do? Nothing. Impossible. There must be a way to defeat yourself. To no longer hide behind the curtain on the stage as the audience murmurs and gripes over the ten-year delay. When will the show begin? When will you step out into the spotlight? When will a smile replace the dread that hasContinue reading »

“I don’t think it’s going to work. “ My Yoga teacher shook his head while he lit another block of incense. He stared for a moment at the statue of a serene looking Budda and then turned to me and spoke in somber tones, “You see, your path must be straight like an arrow. But your path isn’t straight. You constantly swerve from the right to the left and the other way around.” I sighed in frustration. I knew I wasn’t living up to the strict standards that the teachings of Yoga required. “Will I ever reach nirvana?” I muttered, although I feared I already knew the answer. I wasn’t going to reach it. Not in this life and not in a thousand lives to come. I was too much a man of this world. Well, I wasn’t a man, really. At the age of 20, I was still an inexperienced teenager with long hair, a house full of books on Eastern religion and a pocket full of mind-altering drugs.Continue reading »

In the Bible, we are told to “Fear not.” Why? It’s because the Lord is at the helm. When we trust and obey righteous precepts, fear has no place. God fears nothing and no one. Be not afraid. Rest in the truths of the Lord’s amazing assurances. Deuteronomy 31:8 – KJV And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.

I met him while I was waiting at an almost empty train station to be picked up by my father. Dad had left us in favor of another woman, but since he was still my Dad, I was scheduled to go see him once a month. We weren’t particularly close, so I considered these visits a waste of time and I was already bored. “Hello!” A voice shook me out of my reverie and I looked up into the smiling face of a young fellow, just a few years older than I was. His blue eyes sparkled with joy. What does he want? I eyed him suspiciously. “I want to tell you about my friend,” he began. “Huh?” His friend? I felt confused. Why would I want to know about his friend? But he seemed truly happy and it almost felt as if he was surrounded by a circle of warmth that tried to take me in. I’d never felt that before. “My friend is Jesus,” he continued. “He lovesContinue reading »

Doubts and fear you can do without. They are not your friends. Their advice is never valid. They tell you to run and hide. You are no longer cared for and protected. And that can be a terrifying feeling. It has been said that the power of the devil is rooted in fear. But we have nothing to fear because we have Jesus, who called the devil the father of lies. But the One who cannot lie has promised to look after you. God will not leave you alone in times of darkness. Once a group of laborers was ordered to cut down all the trees in a certain section of a city park and started their work with zeal and enthusiasm. However, soon they came to a certain tree that was housing a robin’s nest. The mother bird, sitting on her eggs, appeared to be terrified. “We can first cut down the other trees,” said the foreman, who had a soft heart. Two days later, still busy cutting downContinue reading »

When I was a young boy faith seemed natural. God was there. Mother said He was and that settled it. I could even feel it when she would read to me from the Bible. It brought a holy hush to my curious young mind. There was no reason to doubt. Sometimes she would take us to a church and there I could feel it too. In that sacred, quiet place the intimidating outside world could not enter. In those days, I just knew God was looking down on us. I hoped He would be happy with my personal presence, but of that I wasn’t too sure, as I usually did not live a very ‘holy’ little life. But at night when the lights had gone out I did my very best for God by saying long prayers for everybody I could think of. Aunts, uncles, the maid, the dog and the cat, everybody would get his or her turn before God. God was there and He would hear… Was thatContinue reading »

Some time ago a businessman was having a visit from an important investor that had the potential to greatly benefit his company. In the middle of their discussion they took a coffee break, and the investor started to discuss some personal problems. He got quite upset as he was relating a business deal that had gone sour and started to curse profusely. “I am sorry,” said the other man, “but what you just said, really hurt me. I am a Christian, and I believe dearly in the God that you just ridiculed. Please don’t say these things in my presence.” The investor looked stunned for a moment and suddenly roared: “What do you think, man? I am a Christian too. I even teach Sunday school.” The first man shook his head and quietly said: “Maybe so, but it’s hard to believe. You certainly don’t act like it.”Right away a little voice in his head whispered, “Nicely done; you just ruined the deal. Congratulations.” A month later the investor came back.Continue reading »

The other day I was discussing the world situation with a colleague at work and when I mentioned sin and the devil, he almost dropped his coffee. “You don’t actually believe in the devil, do you? That belief has long ago been proven to be false. It’s stuffy and has only served to scare people into church.” I smiled and shrugged. “Of course you’re free to believe whatever you want, but if you think that evil is not more than a miscommunication between people and can be easily overcome by carnal reasoning, you’ll have another thing coming.” There is so much more happening than we can see with the naked, fleshly eye and although we don’t want to spend too much time looking at the works of Satan, denying his existence is not a wise thing to do. *** Not too long ago there were still wild horses roaming around the prairies and wolves were a real threat. Horses were considered a delicacy by most wolves and were often followedContinue reading »