The famous hymn writer Ira Sankey was once visiting someone living in the slums. When he was done and was on his walk home, he got to talk to a little girl who was sitting on the steps of a dilapidated shack. “Are you living here?” Sankey asked her. “I do,” the girl answered with a happy smile, “It’s not very nice here, but my father is building a new house for us over the hills.”| A new house over the hills? A beautiful thought came to Ira as he realized that on this earth we all live in the slums, spiritually speaking, but soon we too will move to our new house, just over the hills. The conversation served as the inspiration for one of Ira’s famous hymns, “I’ve got a mansion just over the hilltop.” “I’m satisfied with just a cottage here below, A little silver and a little gold. But in that city where the ransom will shine, I want a gold one that’s silver lined. I’veContinue reading »

How many folks have been dealt the crushing blows of disconnections from relationships, homelands, and jobs? Even when we initiate the disconnections it can be painful. Sometimes separations rip us in deep places. Yes, disconnections are often in our best interest, but that awareness doesn’t always lessen the hurts in our wounded hearts. When God draws His people to salvation, we disengage from some folks and some folks disengage from us. The Lord leads those who are His to separate from the world and its ways. Christ dwellers are often disliked, misunderstood and mocked. Initially, we tend to ache from such treatment. But oh glory, in process of time, the Lord God removes the sorrow and replaces it with happiness. Psalm 144: 15 – KJV, “Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.” Changing courses is a process. Adjustments can be unsettling — for a season. The more, though, that we’re willing and obedient to the will ofContinue reading »