His family abandoned him, so sad for William indeed — He mourned in utter heartache — He cried out, “Why, Why?” His fragile soul couldn’t grasp the reasons he had to go elsewhere from the place he knew as home — William prayed fervently as his hope slipped away Many nights he sobbed, restless in foster care being sent from place to place until . . . Hope arrived in the embrace of godly folks who chose to love him and bring him into their home He joined a happy unit lonely no more — Loved abundantly with brothers and parents and pets afoot, too. Yes, home sweet home — Hope restored.

What pleasure we have in the gift of laughter. God knows that we sure need it. Hearty laughter releases and delights. Yes, our lives do need lightness; laughter is one way that we achieve it. There are levels of laughter, chuckles, robust forms, giggles, and cackling laughter. Indeed, we sometimes need to laugh. It sure adds benefits to our well being. Psalm 126:2 – KJV Then was our mouth filled with laughter, . . . Proverbs 17:22 – KJV A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

I had a dream, a wonderful dream. I must have been in a palace for everything around me shone with glory and splendour. Crystal goblets of wine were filled with the best wines and when the meal was served, I could hardly believe my eyes. All my favorite dishes were present and my mouth started to water. Then there was the command, “Eat and be happy.” So I ate and was happy. When the desserts came in I could hardly take another bite, and then… …I heard the alarm clock. It was six in the morning and I awoke in my little corner in the attic. With a frustrated sigh, I slammed my fist on the alarm clock and crawled out of bed. My stomach was growling and I moved my weary body to the kitchen. No kingly meal awaited me there. No exquisite dishes, no wines, no desserts…Nothing. Thankfully, I still had a package of oatmeal. *** The food in our dreams is just like the real thing. ItContinue reading »

When I was a young boy faith seemed natural. God was there. Mother said He was and that settled it. I could even feel it when she would read to me from the Bible. It brought a holy hush to my curious young mind. There was no reason to doubt. Sometimes she would take us to a church and there I could feel it too. In that sacred, quiet place the intimidating outside world could not enter. In those days, I just knew God was looking down on us. I hoped He would be happy with my personal presence, but of that I wasn’t too sure, as I usually did not live a very ‘holy’ little life. But at night when the lights had gone out I did my very best for God by saying long prayers for everybody I could think of. Aunts, uncles, the maid, the dog and the cat, everybody would get his or her turn before God. God was there and He would hear… Was thatContinue reading »

She met me at the door; dancing. There she was, jumping up and down for joy, barking and wagging her tail as if to say: ‘He’s back, my master is back!’ After a long and tiring day I received the most wonderful welcome from our black Labrador Retriever. It made me feel good and I couldn’t help but smile and give her the attention she demanded. After all, a dog is man’s best friend. But then a funny thought struck me: “Am I just as excited when I meet with Jesus?” I’ll be honest. I have a ways to go. I treasure prayer and I enjoy studying my Bible, but compared to the sincere outburst of joy that’s coming from my dog upon seeing me, I have a ways to go. Why is my dog so happy to see me? I suppose the answer is as simple as it is deep. It’s because she treasures being with me. She isn’t only happy because she knows I secure her food, andContinue reading »

Orange County is the locale for the edible meeting. The orchard folks have been looking forward to the oral feast. The summit was called by the fruit delegation to address the increased disconnect between fruits and vegetables. The fruits earnestly desire a better relationship with the vegetable community. Attendees pour into the Strawberry Field Arena. Early participants snatch the prime front seats. Turnip, cauliflower and watermelon rows fill up quickly. Bananas peel in and slide by grape clusters. Veggies roll in and take seats across the aisle from the fruit ensembles. Peas and carrots are side by side joined by green beans. The row is plenty colorful with the combined mixes. Lights are lowered. The fruity speech is about to begin. Honey Dew Melon strides center stage and approaches the lectern. He speaks in love with eloquence about the need for unity. Initially, all in attendance aren’t on board, but as the speech continues, nods throughout the assembly are observed. Honey Dew emphasizes that the body has a need forContinue reading »

Scientific research has proven that laughter can have a very beneficial effect on your health. Almost all our important organs are somehow positively affected by happiness and joy is an excellent stress-buster. Even a forced smile is better than no smile at all. We don’t always realise it, but God really wants us to be joyful. He created us to be happy. Jesus said: “These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.” (John 15:11) *** Once I was doing the dishes with an old missionary. It was a privilege for me, to be standing next to a man who had seen so much, and done such great things for the Lord. He had lived in Tibet for twenty-five years and had seen it all; the good, the bad and the ugly. Now he was doing the dishes with me. My mind was racing and I wanted to ask him a thousand questions. What had he learned? HowContinue reading »

Karen grew up in Washington, D.C. with Joanne, Charles and Nelson — three friends who, for years, were in her inner circle of buddies. They had much fun together in their neighborhood and surrounding communities. Two of their favorite things were music and going to the movies. Times when they’d meet to just “shoot the breeze,” the friends would join others sitting on the side steps of the movie theater. Yes, indeed, those steps have history with the quartet buds. Time progressed and the inner circle friends grew up, got jobs, and family member growth. Nelson moved to North Carolina. Joanne got addicted to heroin and spent time incarcerated. Charles and Karen did their things, etc. There came a point when the quartet lost touch with one another. More than ten years went by with no contact. One day Karen went online to attempt to locate her childhood friends. Her search bore no fruit. About two years later, Karen tried online again. She found an address for Charles. Karen sentContinue reading »