The old year is behind us now, and we are standing on an elevated plane, and we try to peer into the new. There is a certain sense of trepidation as we look at the path before us. Where will the road lead us, and what will the future bring? Already we may spot new mountains rising on the horizon, and if we listen carefully, we may already hear the rushing waters of foaming streams that we will have to cross. Doubtless, there will be shadow-filled valleys, although, for the moment, most of the road is still obscured by the misty clouds of the unknown. But time will not stop, and we are about to begin our descent into the uncharted future. And this is where we, as children of the King have an unparalleled advantage over the unbelieving world. We have an all-sufficient answer. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us from the love of God. No things present, nor things to come. No power on earth can detach usContinue reading »

Thanksgiving Day is ahead Once again, we prepare to gather, to eat heartily to reminisce, to relax — Ah, joy is in the air The Lord delights in hearts of thanksgiving – Gratitude flows in abundance We have so much to be grateful for – daily We live, we breathe we work, we play – Truly, thanksgiving is in motion on the regular Prayers of gratefulness – Food spreads – full bellies, shared memories, status catch ups – Yes, joy is in the air Love manifests in amplified doses – Robust laughter rings out in households Warmth is spread in abundance – Kisses, hugs, and smiles make cherished appearances – Joy is indeed the air Precious moments are once again revealed on the celebrated day of Thanksgiving Above all – daily — to God be the glory.

Let’s see – What did our incomparable God load in the treasure chest? Ooh, ooh, lots of goodie bags Love bags Peace bags Joy bags Strength bags Temperance bags – The chest of generosity is loaded with the signature style of our wonderful Lord There’s wisdom contained Ooh, and knowledge, too – Lessons are spread throughout the precious chest – Treasures galore are in the jeweled container – Cups run over Woo wee We peer in and see trees, flowers, and sea life – Creatures great and small Oh my Sun views Moon views Twinkling stars Cascading waterfalls – We bask in the captivating, endless views of gorgeousness We marvel at the treasure chest of love filled with resplendent gifts for us We bow in gratitude and reverence to our magnificent gift giver – God, most High. Thank you!

How wondrous it is to anticipate the movements of God We have seasons when we wait with excitement and glee Our journeys of glory are filled with awe – witnessing the plentiful ways that our Lord manifests We anticipate the sunrises and sunsets – We anticipate the rain falls, the flowers blooming – the birds in flight delivering their varied melodic sounds – Ah, the beauty of that which lives – all crafted by our Master Creator It’s a surety that boredom isn’t in the mix with God – We can’t predict how divine occurrences will unfold – Thoughts, expressions, and performances of the Most High astound Love surrounds Beauty flows Splendor delights Joy abounds Views astonish Yes, rocky moments appear, but we still choose to anticipate how the Lord shows and answers Anticipation heightens and subsides as we continue our journeys – Yes, often it’s there while we abide in Almighty God in anticipation.

We’re surrounded by gifts — Priceless gifts of love and splendor Gifts with no expiration dates I stepped outside today and connected with multiple gifts — Trees, birds, clouds, rain and snow I danced in their presence A dance of joy, freedom and gratitude — Thankfulness manifested in fluid motions in sync with the movements of love It was a happy dance despite what appears with aims to distract — We press through with awareness that we dwell in the habitation of God Our Lord provides bountiful and abundant gifts — Days and nights we’re presented with more gifts — How precious and treasured that LOVE is the best gift of all.

Satan goes by many names, some in the Bible as a given name or names, and some we can address him by relating to his attributes, as we do for God. Oh, make no mistake; he is in no way equal to God or even close to the exalted place where God dwells. He is called Satan, which means adversary as he is the enemy of God, the Devil, which means slanderer, and Beelzebub which comes from the false god of the Philistines, meaning lord of flies. The Bible also refers to him with the names relating to his nature as the tempter, the wicked one, the accuser of the brethren (we are the brethren this refers to), the ruler of this world, the god of this age, the prince of the power of the air, and an angel of light. For the purpose of this tale, I will refer to him as the joy thief. Calling him the stealer of joy might be a misuse, since he has noContinue reading »

Alrighty now — we’re at another beginning. Super love extends to our Lord with gratitude galore for how far we’ve come and how we were here to welcome in the year 2016. We have much to look forward to as we approach new days, new spiritual and physical seasons, pleasantries, rewards and challenges. Indeed, jubilation is in order for the manifold wonders of God, and how we live according to pure precepts. Certainly, the joy of the Lord is our strength and assurance. Leviticus 25:12 – KJV For it is the jubilee; it shall be holy unto you: ye shall eat the increase thereof out of the field.

I wonder what various types of things the folks mentioned in the Bible did to have fun. What types of recreational activities did they indulge in to unwind? They did play; it says so in the Bible. One place that play is expressed is in Exodus 32:6 – KJV, “And they rose up early on the morrow, and offered burnt offerings, and brought peace offerings; and the people sat down to eat and to drink, and rose up to play.” I can imagine them playing hide and seek. Likely, they engaged in competitive sports. We don’t read where Jesus played. Is it reasonable to believe that he did? Probably, Jesus did fun things to balance his life on earth. If he engaged in competitive games, my guess is that he always won. Really, can we visualize Jesus not coming in first every time if he competed? Or it could be that he let others win from the standpoint of earthly perspective? We can only speculate, but I do believe thatContinue reading »

Recently, I watched a video that placed about five or six children, individually, in a room to learn their responses. Each child was asked what one gift they desired for Christmas. That one gift was placed before each one of them. Each child was then asked what one gift was wanted for the family. The answers were given to the facilitator. The family gift was placed beside each child. The catch was that each child had to pick ONE gift. They all picked the family gift. They each were asked why and they shared that family mattered most. The outcome was that the children were given BOTH gifts. They were so happy. Their parents were in another room and when their children joined them expressions of love and hugs flowed. That video nearly moved me to tears. It was so precious to observe how those kids chose and shared why. It’s a wonderful thing that not all family members are biological. We have friends and blended folks who are family.Continue reading »

Recently, what I consider, a spectacular thing happened to me. I was standing outside a store and a negative thought entered my mind that could have landed me in a place of depression. Immediately, there came a flock of birds flying above where I stood. My guess is that it was about thirty of them. Their altitude wasn’t real high; they were pretty much straight above my head. As I watched the aerial splendor of those birds, these words came to me, “bird cavalry.” I smiled with deep gratitude to our Creator, God. Also, those words put me in remembrance of the old western films/series when the good guys needed reinforcements. The cavalry men would come to the rescues right in the nick of time. Those scenes were so exciting to view. I strongly sensed that the Lord had sent that bird cavalry to rescue me from the negative thought that sought to creep into my spirit. A flood of thankfulness rushed into me as I continued to look aboveContinue reading »

We walk in the “garden” of wonders filled with the loveliness of our “views” of love, joy, peace, contentment and freedom. We “inhale” God’s promises with multiplied glee. This garden is replete with the enjoyment of righteous bliss. We linger as we inhale/exhale the countless beauties contained in this garden of variety. Weeds are observed. Wisely, we understand that they too have purposes. Nope, we don’t disdain them because our Master placed weeds here as contributors to our seeds and limbs of growth. The splendor far outweighs what the weeds accomplish. Yes, the richness contained in this place of precious wonder is filled with magnificence. Time spent in God’s garden is well worth it — indeed! Psalm 1:3 – KJV And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.