The other day I read a touching tale that holds an encouraging lesson for us as children of God. The story was telling the tale of the damaged relationship between a father and his daughter, and the consequent scars on both of their hearts. Because of miscommunication and misunderstanding both of them had tucked their feelings for each other far away in dark basements of their hearts, but no matter how far we try to hide our pain unless we find real healing, such hurts will always continue to affect us and radiate confusion into our daily lives. One day, the daughter found out that her father was dying. This time she could no longer refuse to visit the man who had been such an integral part of her youth. When she came in they both stared at each other for some time in silence. At last, the old man looked up and said in weak tones, “Thank you for coming, my dear daughter. You know… I have always lovedContinue reading »

The other day I read a touching anecdote which deserves to be shared. A father and his daughter were no longer on speaking terms. Things had happened and as a result, they both had locked away the love they had once felt for each other in the dungeons of their hearts. One day the daughter heard that the father was dying and she decided to at least see the old man one last time before he would pass on to the next world. When she sat at his bedside both of them were still. What could they say? At last, the dying man broke the silence and whispered, “My dear child, do you know that I have always loved you? I am so very sorry for the things I did wrong.” The daughter looked at him, and the bitterness welled up in her heart. “You said, you would always be there for me… But you weren’t. You hurt me that way.” The old man raised his bushy eyebrows. “How, child?Continue reading »

I suffer from a chronic health condition that causes many physical symptoms including pain (moderate to severe), fatigue (mild to debilitating), as well as cognitive problems. Due to the progression and severity of my symptoms I left my job five months ago and have applied for Social Security Disability. Naturally they denied my original application, which is the norm for the majority of first-time applicants, and I am now working with an attorney to appeal the decision, and may have to ultimately go so far as to have my case heard by a judge. The Social Security Administration sent me to an evaluation as part of this process. The exam was administered by a lady from an outside company; most of the things she asked me to do had little or nothing to do with my condition and she asked very few questions that pertained to my condition as well. But I was expecting denial anyway because I knew the stats were not in my favor. Now I am notContinue reading »

“It’s your body,” sighed the nurse in the abortion clinic while she shook her head. “You don’t have to let a fetus boss you around.” She rolled her angry eyes at Esther who had come in for counsel as she was contemplating having an abortion, but was battling with conflicting emotions. It seemed everyone knew what to do, except her. Her husband didn’t want the baby, the clinic didn’t think it was a big deal and plenty of well-meaning friends had told her it would be over before she knew it. Still… Her husband was particularly concerned about the finances. “A child,” he had yelled, “costs tens of thousands of dollars. First you have to birth that baby and then you need to raise it, educate it and take care of it. We would have to get another job.” His angry face had scared her and when he had told her to go make an appointment in the abortion clinic she had dutifully complied. Still… She looked around at theContinue reading »

The dark clouds of the Endtime seem to be gathering. There is a storm coming and it may soon break upon our heads. The news reports are full of suffering and pain, and the immediate future could hardly be any darker. But it is only for a little while. Soon Satan’s power will be broken and man’s rule on earth is done. Then these days of pain will be like a dream that is quickly forgotten in the light of the new day, when we raise our hands in joy and worship to the King of Kings. What a day it will be when love is the standard by which we live. The Kingdom of God is coming; Jesus will come for a second time. But the Bible is full of prophecies about the time just before the return of Christ. In Matthew 24 Jesus Himself prophesied, “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come toContinue reading »

Anyone who comes to Him (God) must believe that He is and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. Hebrews 11:6 Intellectually we know God can do anything. He is able to save and bless to the uttermost. Why don’t we act like we believe? Perhaps I am unique in this attitude, but somehow I doubt it. I actively pray to God throughout the day as a continuous conversation in my head; sometimes I feel a specific request warrants a physical and mental pause to focus my prayer completely on this request without the distractions of physically doing other things as I pray. Sometimes the request is small and seemingly insignificant. I pray when the lights go out and when a storm is coming. I believe God cares about what I care about and will move on my behalf, as He has done before, and I give Him the praise for it even when others scoff, calling coincidence what I call an answer to prayer. So I believe forContinue reading »

We don’t always seem to listen to the right voices and because of that, it does happen that we get ourselves stuck in the brambles, just like the stubborn, lost sheep that Jesus talked about in the Bible. There you are. Stuck, lonely and surrounded by thorns. Is there a way out? With Jesus, there is always hope. *** A father and a son were once running a very successful company. The father was just and wise and had organized his business with great skill and had gotten rich. He trained his son in all the ways of the business and had great hopes that his son would take over the company when he retired. And although the father and the son were very close, still the son sometimes resisted his father’s oversight. Now it so happened that the father had a very mean competitor. This man was shrewd and selfish and he would grab any opportunity to further his own cause, no matter how much pain and hardship itContinue reading »

I have a chronic, incurable illness. It causes a multitude of symptoms, with varying degrees in each person afflicted. The two main symptoms are pain and fatigue, sometimes mild, sometimes debilitating. A person’s ability for compassion and empathy only extends a certain distance beyond the end of his or her nose, and each person you know will have a different threshold for empathy. Some may be very sympathetic and genuinely want to hear how you are and how you are coping. Others may ask how you are, but don’t really want to know. There are some who are completely oblivious, and some who really don’t care. And then there are the ones (usually a veritable crowd) who think they understand your pain in the context of “everyone has problems (or pain, or gets tired, etc).” These are the hardest, for me, to have to deal with. And I rarely speak about my condition at length with anyone for two reasons. The first being there is only so much one personContinue reading »

Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the children. Children are not so complicated and not as prone to doubt and scepticism as the grown ups are. Children just believe. They have faith and trust that their parents will take care of them and as a result their hearts are not full of bitterness, doubt and hardness. Once a soldier in the army of Napoleon incurred the wrath of the mighty emperor and was thrown into the dungeon. There he was, lost and forgotten by friend and foe, in a cold and lonely prison cell. In his desperation he grabbed a stone and carved on the wall the words: “Nobody cares.” However, a few days later he noticed a tiny plant, sprouting out between two stones in his jail. The poor soldier was fascinated by the life that sprung up in his cell and decided to give the plant a little of his daily water. The little plant grew fast and reached out for the light that shoneContinue reading »

When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. James 1:13-14 The Lord does not tempt anyone to do wrong, but God does allow us to reap the fruit of our own unrighteous actions, and He uses that fruit of destruction to bring us to repentance. When we pursue our own desires apart from the will of God, we will inevitably reap the fruit of our evil desires. However, when we make a mess, let’s not blame God for suffering we have brought upon ourselves. Remember that even the knowledge of evil was a result of disobedience. Adam and Eve were created with only the knowledge of good, with pure hearts, but they let their desire to have the one thing that God forbid lure them into sin, and the knowledge of evil was born in their hearts. Even from the beginning they began toContinue reading »