We have seasons when the noises of life aim to distract and to dislodge us from our solid rock stances in the truths of the Lord. The mental “chatter” can be unsettling if we allow it to interfere with the peace that passes all understanding. The “valves” can sure be shut off by the knowledge of, and acting upon the gospel truths. Noise isn’t the master. How do we choose to handle it? Let us count the ways — beginning with God and the words of Christ . . . Yes, it’s a certainty that we can mount up with wings . . . Psalm 93:4 – KJV The Lord on high is mightier than the noise . . . Isaiah 40:31 – KJV But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

“You have granted this great victory by the hand of your servant” -Judges 15:1:18 Even the mightiest of men, Samson, knew that his tremendous physical power was rooted in God. Samson, a man of huge proportions and stronger than many “ordinary” men, recognized that even he had limited power. In the wake of his victory at Ramath-Lehi, wherein he defeated 1000 Philistine soldiers with the jawbone of an ass, he realized that it was the power of God, through the onrush of the Holy Spirit, that carried him through the bloody mayhem to victory. Using the jawbone of a lowly wild ass, or onager, Samson laid low the powerful army of Philistia who had conquered the eastern Mediterranean and almost Egypt itself. This was the nation who introduced the powerful iron weaponry into the region and flourished on military organization. The Philistines, who dominated the region of Israel and Canaan, were no match for the jawbone wielded by the powerful arm of Samson, fueled by the Spirit of the Lord. SamsonContinue reading »

“He could work no miracle there, except from curing a few who were ill by laying hands on them” – Mark 6:5 It is stark comment, made by Mark who had witnessed so many signs of power and wonder from Jesus, that in Jesus’ hometown he could not perform any miracles. Matthew softens the stark nature of the comment, in his Gospel, by saying the Jesus would not perform any miracles. But, why not? What prevented Jesus from yet more glorious displays of the power of God? Many detractors of Christianity, in their woeful lack of understanding of faith, point to these passages as evidence of the limited power or, even worse, mercy, of Jesus. Such an unfortunate rendering! Miracles are glimpses of the Kingdom of God and the wondrous power which permeates Kingdom of Heaven. Miracles are the power of God breaking into our realm. However, as page after page of the Bible teaches us, this power will only come us if we have faith and are open toContinue reading »

In him who is the source of my strength I have strength for everything – Philippians 4:13 All power, force, energy, and strength have a source. Learned men, of all areas of knowledge, have been seeking and debating the ultimate source of power and life, itself. Without a source, without a core, without a generating element or catalyst power can not be sustained. True power and strength can not be maintained for long- it is empty and lacks essential substance. Faith gives us access to the source of true power- God Himself. God is the undiminishing source of power and strength- and life, itself. The power of God is constant and steady; it is the force which continually sustains and upholds the living world. It is the source and wellspring from which we are replenished and renewed. That God is the source of all life and power is not a teaching from the leaders of churches and men of a different age. It is part of what God revealed aboutContinue reading »

“You can not serve God and mammon” – Matthew 6:24 Luke 16:13 Jesus used this powerful combination of words with a distinct purpose; to show the two objects of human trust. God, in any religion is the foundation of trust, confidence, and the object of prayer. What is “mammon”? It is an archaic Semitic word that was transliterated into the local Greek. Basically, it means “riches” and many translations of the Bible render the term as “money”. This is fine, as far as it goes- but Jesus used it in more of a powerful sense. Jesus knew full well all of the aspects of this word; the connotations reach far beyond just, what we would call, currency or coinage. Mammon is, indeed, wealth. However, it is also seen as the object of trust. In other words, it is money in whom you place your faith and trust. It is wealth, and the power which it produces, that is foundational to one’s existence. As such, it breeds greed and avarice; wordsContinue reading »

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof – Amendment 1 The writers of the Declaration of independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were all religious men. They were highly respected theologians in Europe, part of the theological trend called “Natural Religion”; wherein they tried to merge logic and reason with the power in Scriptures. This is why their words are often laced with terms such “creator” and “self-evident”. They saw religious faith as a partner to politics and reason. Politics? yes, religion was a major force in the founding fathers framing the new nation. They also saw religious faith and its exercise as being above government control. Hence, the powerful words of the First Amendment; the government has no control over the establishment or exercise of religion. In other words, Religious belief is given a sanctity as nothing else. It was beyond government’s power to infringe upon Religious beliefs. Yet, even thought he point is made clear in theContinue reading »

Today, decide who you will serve – Joshua 24:15 With these words, Joshua challenges the people of Israel to choose who will be the one that they serve, God or the idols of their time. These words resonate today, as never before has the foundations of our Christian faith been challenged by the petty figures which inhabit the political landscape. The words of such politicians are easy to hear and incite our feelings, but are empty of lasting value and filled with the confidence brought about the power of this world. Even the great Philosopher, Aristotle had little to say of the rhetoricians, who pander to crowds with orchestrated speeches. He stated that these speakers care little about the essential messages but rather arouse emotions as a means to appeal to listeners. Aristotle lamented, as did Joshua before him and Jesus after him, that people follow the words of these speakers- often to their detriment. The words of these politicians give false hope, empty promises, and a false sense ofContinue reading »

“Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away” -Mark 13:31, Matthew 24:35, Luke 21:33 With these words Jesus established the enduring authority of the Christian faith. Upon these words rests the authority of the Apostolic community and the families of Christian religions that have emerged through the centuries. It is the words of Jesus Christ which form the powerful foundation of belief systems which have lasted over 2000 years.These are words which were validated by the atoning death on the Cross which He endured for us. These words find new life in the Resurrection, in which the Kingdom of God was now opened to us by the breaking of the power of Sin and Death. He paid the price for our sins, redeeming us now and forever in the eyes of God. His words are eternal as are the effects of the Cross and Resurrection, and is our Redemption. Politicians have authority which are attributed by society. The wealth and power which they seek areContinue reading »

The central point of the Christian faith is Jesus – crucified for our sins, raised from the dead, our gateway to God. The Bible says to “fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith,” (Hebrews 12:2) not on the Catholics or the Baptists or Methodists and the perceived error of their doctrines compared our personal denomination. Let’s wake up and see this for what it is, just another smoke screen from Satan to keep us running in circles chasing “truth” while the world is going to Hell! When we compare ourselves to others, and find them lacking in our sight we are doing exactly what got us kicked out of the garden in the first place! God gave Adam and Eve everything good, everything pure, including their undefiled hearts. And what defiles our hearts? Evil. They had no knowledge of evil, only good. Until the serpent came along, convinced Eve he was her new BFF and said, “Hey, Eve, you know God is just holding outContinue reading »

The dark clouds of the Endtime seem to be gathering. There is a storm coming and it may soon break upon our heads. The news reports are full of suffering and pain, and the immediate future could hardly be any darker. But it is only for a little while. Soon Satan’s power will be broken and man’s rule on earth is done. Then these days of pain will be like a dream that is quickly forgotten in the light of the new day, when we raise our hands in joy and worship to the King of Kings. What a day it will be when love is the standard by which we live. The Kingdom of God is coming; Jesus will come for a second time. But the Bible is full of prophecies about the time just before the return of Christ. In Matthew 24 Jesus Himself prophesied, “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come toContinue reading »

“Who are my . . . brothers?” – Mark 3:33 With these words Jesus puts forth a question of family and brotherhood. While scholars debate, and renounce, interpretations that claim that Mary had other children the words of Jesus speak clearly- following the Word of God forms a bond as strong as that of blood among Christians. Jesus knew the unique relationship which exists among brothers. No one can fight with each other the way two brothers, no one can get one as angry as a brother can, but no one can help like a brother can. The connection between brothers surpasses and can not be limited by time or distance. The blood and history which exists between brothers- or sisters- has the power to overcome such obstacles. Past insults or hurts are forgiven when a brotherly connection is made. My only brother lives many hundreds of miles away from me and I have not seen him in years. We have had close times and tumultuous times in our lives. Continue reading »