The old year is behind us now, and we are standing on an elevated plane, and we try to peer into the new. There is a certain sense of trepidation as we look at the path before us. Where will the road lead us, and what will the future bring? Already we may spot new mountains rising on the horizon, and if we listen carefully, we may already hear the rushing waters of foaming streams that we will have to cross. Doubtless, there will be shadow-filled valleys, although, for the moment, most of the road is still obscured by the misty clouds of the unknown. But time will not stop, and we are about to begin our descent into the uncharted future. And this is where we, as children of the King have an unparalleled advantage over the unbelieving world. We have an all-sufficient answer. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us from the love of God. No things present, nor things to come. No power on earth can detach usContinue reading »

When someone asked the famous mountain climber Mallory in 1920 why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he simply stated: “Because it is there.” That may raise some eyebrows. Did Mallory not know that staying home would have been a whole lot safer? Did he not care about the dangers and hardships and was he not afraid of the risks of slipping and sliding and breaking his neck, just because there was a mountain? History seems to be on my side, as it has been recorded that Mallory got lost in 1924 while climbing the Everest. His broken and frozen body only showed up 75 years later when some climbers found it on a remote part of the mountain. He died trying. Still I have an inkling that Mallory would do it again, if he had the chance. He apparently believed in the motto: “It’s better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all.” It’s called vision. Instead of hiding behind closed doors, safely tucked awayContinue reading »

Fame, influence…money; they are often the things that are highly sought after in this world. A good name is important and life in this world can get awfully complicated if we don’t have the money to do what we feel called to do. And yet, these things are not what life is all about. If self, money or power become the driving force in our lives, rather than God, we may end up on spiritual skid row and learn what real poverty is all about. *** There is an anecdote about Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr and his sense of values during the Second World War. The general was sitting with a friend at an airport, waiting for his connecting flight. While they were waiting a weary soldier appeared at the counter, requesting a ticket on wat happened to be the same plane as Roosevelt and his friend. “Sorry Buddy, no place. You’ll have to wait.” “But I am going to see my mother, before I am being shipped overseas.”Continue reading »

“The shepherds . . . went in haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby lying in the manger” – Luke 2: 15-16 With these words of Luke, a picture of simplicity and power is painted. The shepherds were told of the birth of the Savior by an Angel and were shown a multitude of the Heavenly host, who gave praise to God. The sight of shepherds was common in the time period; they were working men who lived hard lives. They sacrificed much to protect and keep their sheep. Yet, these men were, in a way, heirs to David. David, the first true King of Israel, was a shepherd who protected his flocks from both lions and bears (1 Samuel 17: 34-37). Herein we see the shepherds, those that followed in the steps of David, being told of the birth of the Son of David; Jesus, the Messiah. These men were among the working poor, toughened from their arduous and nomadic life, and among the peasantry. It is to these men that theContinue reading »

Once upon a time in England one tiny rat caused a whole dike to break. The rodent burrowed through the embankment and caused a tiny bit of water to seep through. Soon however this tiny trickle became a little stream and before long it broke the whole dike. By the time the problem was discovered, it was too late and three million gallons of water flooded the land. Apparently the canal was drained for a distance of seven miles and more than a million fish died. The damage was staggering. And all because of one rat? Yes, one rat did it all. Little things are important. *** We are usually not too concerned when little problems show up at the horizon of our lives. It’s not yet very big and we can still handle it easily. And yet, little things can be the start of big things, especially if we do not take little things seriously. The Bible admonishes us: “A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself, butContinue reading »