Valentine’s Day is once again upon us Flowers, candy, and stuffed animals galore – There’s no greater love, though, than what comes from God Trips are planned Dining out abounds – There’s no greater love, though, than what God gives Babysitters for the children Reservations are made – There’s no greater love than what God shares Yes, the Lord provides the best affection and way beyond – It doesn’t get better than love from the Master – Woo wee, I bask in the splendor of knowing that the love of God is forever unsurpassed I wish thrills and joy for Valentine’s Day celebrants – but most of all I wish the highest praise for God – for truly, none other gives the greatest love

Ah, the splendor of jewels opals, diamonds, and rubies galore – Pearls, garnets, emeralds, Oh my, the jewel cases are replete with precious goodies So much pulls at our heartstrings and pleases our eyes – Rich treasures abound in the splendor of the gifts from God’s earth Alas, though, our Lord gives us jewels that we embrace from within – Love, joy, peace, faith, and goodness Yes, oh, taste and see that the Lord is good. Magnificence shines and glows as we inhale the resplendent beauties of God Almighty – Precious awareness that our Lord outshines ALL – Yes, the Master Jeweler arrays in the heart spaces much that delights, heals, comforts and instructs Brilliance at its best!

We enter a resource of plentiful truths. Inside are brilliant treasures. Splendid views are arranged in precious order. Lessons are stacked in rhythm with the past, present and future. We’re enveloped in love, encouragement, inspiration, hope, justice and plenty more to aid in our challenging journeys. Water is here. Trees, plants and mountains are here. Animals, homes, jewels, fruits and bread are here — oh my! The spread of delights enrich us immensely. Where have we entered? What is this resource? The Bible that, for ages, has aided in our awareness of God, Jesus, and the ways of righteousness. Yes, contained in it are manifold, magnificent offerings and treasured lessons — authored by the Master of love, the SOURCE, Most High God, who lovingly gave us Jesus, the bread of life. John 6:48 – KJV I am that bread of life. Hebrews 10:7 – KJV Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.  


God’s Wonders

Under the open blue sky
I sit digesting the
fruits of God’s wonders –
Birds and insects fly free
engaged in the sounds of
their beings.

Gentle breezes blow –
Tree branches sway
in the movements
of the morning air.

It’s crisp out here
in this fresh a.m. beauty
Yes, splendid glory to view –
The magnificence of God
cannot be contained.

It’s such a joy to witness.
As the bible says, truly,
the earth is the Lord’s
and the fullness thereof.
Let everything that has breath
praise the Lord.

Certainly, God is the Master
of creation and the Master
of our fate.

Sitting under the open sky, I marvel at the changes that occur in its coloring and cloud formations. The blue sky is a canvas for the birds in flight. They fly in symmetry, flapping their wings, and soaring rhythmically in the air. Playfully, the birds frolic in contentment as they thrive in what God so generously provides. Ah! What captivating beauty on display. I embrace the pleasure of the views. There come moments that teach me as I watch and breathe in the awe of creation. One morning, I noticed that a dirty cup was floating in the water where ducks were swimming. They nonchalantly swam by the cup as if they didn’t even notice it. Right after, two birds flew over the dirty cup — unbothered by its presence. God used those observances to reinforce to me that the “dirty cups” in my life shouldn’t cause me to forsake the rhythm of my journey. Truly, I sat there in appreciation for that deeply meaningful lesson learned from ducks andContinue reading »

Creation is full of stunning, magnificent and luxurious beauty. Yes, breathtaking displays of splendor. Humans, animals, mountains, trees, seas, flowers, meadows, springs and waterfalls meaningfully add to the landscape of this great planet earth. All that exists has roles to play, contributions to make and sharing to do. How many times have we read when animals were instrumental in saving lives? How many times have we learned that animals, with their keen senses, alerted people to potential danger? Yes, those are just two examples of roles assigned. Ah, and the vast selections of food choices: grapes, berries, melons, breads, vegetables — oh my! There’s much to satisfy and to delight our varied taste buds. The earth is abundant with the generous gifts of plentiful edibles. We even have foods that are proven to have healing properties. Our Father is so good to us. Psalm 34:8 – KJV, “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” No two people are alike; nope,Continue reading »