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There aren’t enough hours in the day to tell the vastness of what we are thankful for from our Most High, Creator, God. His love and generosity is boundless. Gifts, in their many forms, can be spectacular as can the views that are placed all over the “globe.” We’re grateful for the stunningly appealing gifts, but ALL gifts from God are to be appreciated.

We’re blessed with air, water, fire, this great planet earth and its plentiful resources. Family member treasures and valued friendships add to our rich benefits. Yes, loving, quality relationships are certain “vessels” of endearment. We’re given animals — yes, precious creatures great and small. The greatest gift that we’re given is love. Living in the splendor of the incomparable assurances from God Almighty is joy, peace and security indeed.

It’s impossible to count the manifold ways that God provides. His stream of supplies is endless in flow. We ride the ebbs and flows of the tides aware that our Lord always knows what’s best for us to receive, how and when.

Thankfulness sure pleases the Lord of lords. Gratitude is treasured by our awesome and generous Provider. He delights in our praises.

This Thanksgiving, families, as usual, will come together in varied love connections. Folks will travel from near and far to join in family unity and love. Photos will abound, laughter will fill the air, and plenty of food will be present to enjoy. Meats, greens, creams, sauces and desserts galore will make appearances all over this world. Of course, for some folks, diet busters will be the result. But it’ll be worth it to enjoy the delicious feasts with loved ones.

Yes, the food spreads will be abundant on Thanksgiving Day. Gratitude extends to those who volunteer to feed the needy and poor. It’s precious to reach out to share with those who aren’t able to afford the plentiful dishes that so many indulge in in ample portions.

Thanks be unto God and Christ who love and give to us so marvelously.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Psalm 95:2 – KJV
Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.

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