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“Blessed be the fruit of your womb”
– Deuteronomy 28:4
To follow the Word of God and to follow his instructions is to bring success and life. Moses set before the people of Israel “a blessing and a curse”. Obedience to the Lord and His Word, a dynamic and living entity, brings about numerous blessings in this life and beyond. However, Moses speaks of a promised “curse” upon those who “turn aside” from the words of God.
Politicians, who would aspire to run the United States, are trying to pull Christians aside from the Word of God. They pit their authority of this age, fleeting at best, against the eternal power of the Word of God by promising and pandering to those who only want success in this life and have little regard for the Kingdom of God. Politicians are campaigning on pro-abortion platforms, often hidden under the rhetorical title of “reproductive healthcare”. They are offering Christians a dangerous choice and a formidable challenge.
Christianity has denounced abortion since the Apostolic age. Yet, followers of politicians who would use the lives of the unborn as fodder for speeches filled with empty words and promises and as means to gather a few votes are forced to choose between their religious faith and their political perspective. Such a would-be President force Christians into devastating choices. Such a politician would force a compromise from even the most staunch Christian. Such a politician challenges her followers to forego the teaching of the Apostles and two millennia of authority. She would force any who would vote for her to “cherry-pick” from her empty speech those rhetorical nuggets with which they agree and ignore those with which they disagree.
Such a politician presents a choice worthy of Satan, the great tempter, himself. Such a politician relies on weak stances from her followers, not bold actions and renunciation. We must be strong in Christ’s grace (2 Timothy 2:1) and not try to adopt both sides of this issue- for, only one side can be right.

The question of Elijah resonates today-
How long will you straddle the issue? (1 Kings 18:21).

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